Justin Bieber triumphs at the Mobil Super Stadium in Monterrey

For the third time, Justin Bieber returned to the northern sultana, this time with the Justice World Tour, which filled the Mobil Super stadium to its maximum capacitywhere the Beliebers took it as the perfect place to enjoy the mega show that the Canadian offers.

From an early hour, the rows were made outside the venue, as evening fell the lights of the stage began to turn on until At 8:40 p.m. the 9 screens were turned on and Justin Bieber appeared on them for the show’s intro.

Minutes later, the five musicians took their positions at the same time that the deafening screams of the fans eruptedIt was then that from the center of the stage, with the help of an elevator, the Canadian appeared causing madness, to such an extent that the rain that was felt at that moment went unnoticed.

“Somebody”, Hold On” and “Deserve You” were the first songs he performed; pyrotechnics were present in more than half of his repertoireon different occasions or phrases, the sky lit up with colors.

“Monterrey, welcome to the Justice tour, I am very excited to be here, thank you very much”, the singer mentioned to his fans and later in Spanish he said: “I love you, I love you, I love you”, to continue in his native language: “It’s a special night.”

The singer took advantage of the entire stage and the catwalk that was adapted for him to get closer to his fans, even On more than one occasion, he brought out his best dance steps, provoking even more euphoria.

Justin it was not complicated with his wardrobe since he appeared before his public with a white tank top and khaki shorts, yes, his fans paid him the least attention, without a doubt his mere presence had them captivated.

Ten dancers accompanied the singer in different songsone of the ones that attracted the most attention was in Yummy, where they even put a giant table and danced on it or what to say in the song “Changes”, where they simulated a public transport cabin called “Monterrey”, in it he also performed “Love yourself”, one of his most significant ballads.

The night progressed and with it the presentation, it was the turn of another of the singer’s greatest hits, with which he undoubtedly put not only the whole stadium to chant, but also there were those who were even encouraged to do the peculiar choreography of “Sorry”.

Bieber left the stage for a few seconds but on his return he did so without his shirtexposing his tattooed torso, causing the deafening screams of his fans, there supported by elevators and platforms Justin sang from the heights, at the same time that the rain was felt again, leaving a shocking panorama for the fans.

“Boyfriend” was another of the songs that could not be missing from this concert, although without a doubt the most anticipated song was the one that catapulted him to the top of popularity “Baby”only unlike his release now we saw Justin much more mature on stage while his fans shouted the chorus and he just danced.

After finishing the success, the singer moved to the center of the stage, there a piano was already waiting for him and then he began to demonstrate another of his talents, later he addressed his fans again.

“Let us thank God for peace, comfort and justice to come,” said the singer before performing “Peaches,” drawing applause.

After 10:00 p.m., the concert came to an end after “Anyone”It was then that a great discharge of pyrotechnics was seen at the Mobil Super Stadium and Justin Bieber said goodbye to his Monterrey fans.

The singer left the facilities of the venue aboard an armored and modified van, in black, and surrounded by elements of Transit and Civil Force, it transpired that his destination was the North Airport.

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Justin Bieber triumphs at the Mobil Super Stadium in Monterrey

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