Justin Bieber joins the marijuana business

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to break into the cannabis business. The 27-year-old Canadian singer has joined the company palms, based in Los Angeles (California), to create a line of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The collaboration is named after Peachesone of his latest hits, included on his sixth studio album, Justice. According to website through which you can purchase your products, the package contains seven cigarettes whose total adds up to 3.5 grams of cannabis. The complete article, which also includes a lighter with the name of the Bieber song, costs 32 dollars (27.60 euros) and will go on sale in stores in Nevada and California (United States) as well as in the store on-line Of the brand.

The collaboration with Bieber refers to one of the phrases in the chorus of Bieber’s song: “I get my weed in California” (“I get my grass in California”). This will allocate a part of its profits to support the Veterans Walk and Talk community, a group of veterans that advocates for medical cannabis, and the Last Prisoners Project, a non-profit organization that aims to free people convicted of marijuana possession. . “Both communities align closely with the mission of palms to make cannabis accessible and widespread for all”, said the executive director of the company, Noah Annes, through a statement to Bloomberg.

In that same statement, the singer has declared to be “a fan of palms and what they are doing, by making cannabis accessible and helping to de-stigmatize it, especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health.” This is a booming market that other artists have already invested in. Rapper Jay-Z is part of the management team of The Parent Company, which sells cannabis products, and other actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosario Dawson collaborate with a manufacturer of drinks containing THC Cann, the psychoactive component of marijuana.

Numerous scientists continue to study the effects of cannabis on mental health. Article Cannabis use and indicators of physical and mental health among veterans and non-veteranspublished in 2020 by researchers at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, reaffirmed that the popular belief that marijuana can help with depression is leading more patients to try it, despite other studies have concluded that its use could worsen the symptoms of the disorder.

The singer of international hits like Stay either Baby He has previously spoken about the pressures of stardom and drug use, claiming that both have influenced his mental health throughout his career. In a documentary of the Canadian published last year on YouTube, Bieber confessed that he tried marijuana “when he was 12 or 13 years old” and that he became dependent on this drug.

Both he and his wife, model Hailey Bieber, star in the documentary Our World (“Our world”) from Prime Video, whose world premiere will take place on October 8 and which promises to be the most personal published to date.

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Justin Bieber joins the marijuana business

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