Justin Bieber comes with influencer to Mexico and posts promote country brand

  • Justin Bieber is one of the most renowned personalities in the Mexican market and a benchmark of influence.

  • Communicating through social networks is how brands are getting more and more involved in the market and reflect on it crucial activities that demand more interest from personalities like Justin Bieber and brands.

  • This week Justin Bieber visited Mexico in various cities to offer concerts and reach a greater number of fans in the region.

A couple of stories are enough for Justin Bieber to be able to promote the country brand of Mexico, where he has performed at various concerts accompanied by the influencer Hailey Baldwin, who accompanied him in his presentations, documenting the crowd that met with him. singer.

Baldwin is a well-known influencer and much of her work on networks has been due to her ability to communicate with Bieber, now promoting the country brand of Mexico, which has recently become the residence of a significant number of concerts and festivals, reactivating the leisure industry that was paralyzed by the contingency and contributing to the value of the country’s brand, associating it as a good destination for this type of meeting.

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Bieber in Mexico, with everything and details

“Terrible organization at the concert Justin Bieber. The stadium staff in the front row recording and taking photos, literally in front of me and me paying 28 thousand pesos, lousy, “wrote one fan in his complaint video, which exhibits the lack of control that exists in the price of tickets both in concerts and in festivals not only to be able to buy thembecause they run out in the midst of irregular situations, also because inside the venues where they take place, all kinds of bad practices occur on the part of attendees and employees of these places.

Justin Bieber may not know

A fact you may not know Justin BieberGwen Stefani or U2 is the great irregularity that exists in the sale of tickets to attend the concerts or festivals in which they have appeared in Mexico.

The situation does not seem to improve despite the multiple complaints from those attending these concerts, where they lament the irregular practices that occur when they try to purchase tickets online.the resale of these tickets and the cost of being able to improve the results in each of these events.

Bad practices in venues

The stage and the venues in general within Mexico have become spaces of great criticism due to the number of situations that are recorded in them and that represent the task that brands have to assume today, especially those that have become fond of operating festivals, in understanding the market and most importantly, in understanding what yes and what not to accept in the experience of moments within the show.

We have already seen bad situations such as Coldplay’s stay in Mexico and everything that came with being able to get tickets for this group, as well as the complaints that were generated to exhibit bad practices.

The season of concerts and festivals that is currently taking place allows us to understand what is right in this medium.

The best time to change the course of events

Events are experiencing a very important moment in updating the tasks they must carry out, to improve the experience of attendees.

Given this, a protocol was patented, which at the time sought to respond to the health contingency. The action that Citibanamex carried out in many concerts that it sponsored is remembered, implementing scenarios where the air circulated and other prevention measures. This is the type of response that is expected from the industry in the face of bad practices in high-cost areas and in the sale of tickets to these events.

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Justin Bieber comes with influencer to Mexico and posts promote country brand

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