Just two weeks to enjoy CARTAGENA SUENAE


The appointment is in just two weeks, on June 8, 9 and 10, in a specially equipped venue next to the Cartagonova Municipal Stadium, the current venue of Carthagineses and Romanos, to celebrate the concerts of Arde Bogotá, KAZE, TAAO, Yarea or Elure, names that are present in posters of the main national festivals, and that will have space for foodtrucks, market area and space for gastronomy.

Cartagena Sounds It was born as a visibility project for music groups from Cartagena, which with their projection and professionalism tour Spain bearing the name of their land, even outside of Spain.

kazewho has not performed in his city for several years, will present a special concert remembering his complete discography, with special guests, the 8 of June. The incipient rapper Raúl MC will open the night. With tickets from €10, on the platform seetickets.com

The day June 9, Elurefemale post-grunge band, which stands out at a national level as evidenced by its participation in Madrid’s MadCool, as well as the Cartagena DJ TAAOSpanish producer resident at Pacha Ibiza, whose long career has led him in the last year to perform before more than 1,000,000 people, in a total of 17 different countries with more than 70 shows on 4 of the 5 continents, will be accompanied from The Cutouts, Noa Caleo, Sin Truce, Claudia Vergotti Y nutmanwith free entrancein an evening that will be a great showcase for the emerging talent of Cartagena, on the platform seetickets.com.

The day June 10ththe rock band that is being a sensation in Spain, Bogota is burningwill be accompanied by Yarea on a spectacular date, and as he prays exoplanet, the well-known theme of the Cartagena band, «Cartago Nova will burn», while the two bands present their latest works at their home. Entry from €10

We are looking forward to sharing these dates with you, and you are invited to attend, you just have to send me the name or names and means to which you belong, and indicate which days we count on you, in order to receive you in the best possible way.

If you need anything, manage an interview with the participants, or any action that interests you, do not hesitate to tell us.


June 8, 9 and 10

Next to the Cartagonova stadium

Bogota is burning has become one of the revelation bands of national rock-pop with lyrics of a generational tone, under the tutelage of the powerful voice of its singer, wrapped in guitars with a certain touch of shoegaze and distortion, colorful basses, and forceful rhythms, which speak of love, youth, and the future. They return to claim the chiaroscuro of their generation with the release of their first album, La Noche (Sony Music 2021), again with the production of Lalo GV and recorded at Neo Music Box Studios, to plunge us fully into the story of a night in the one that everything can happen. a debut album what after receiving several awards, such as the nomination at the 20212 and 2020 Odeón Awards as a revelation rock group, and appearing on the lists of the best of the year, in the specialized press.

kaze He is a Cartagena artist specialized in the Rap musical genre, although he also stands out for his numerous voice registers and double tempos in all kinds of instrumentals. During his long career he has managed to establish himself as a classic of Spanish rap, setting trends since he started, dealing with daring styles and influencing the rest of the scene. After hundreds of songs, two albums, major festivals and national and international tours, Kaze returns from “Tour because my grandmother says so”.

Yarea is one of the great names of the new national pop scene. She moves naturally between indie, urban and pop while her songs accumulate hundreds of thousands of listeners on digital platforms. After the publication of a series of previous singles and her first EP this summer, the time has come to make her debut in long format in 2022 with an album entitled “Lombardía, 22”. Songs like «Espiral», «Tóxica» (with hens) or “From within” or «Juggle» They already have hundreds of thousands of listeners on digital platforms, earning them a significant fan base.

taao is a Spanish DJ and producer resident at Pacha Ibiza. His long career has led him in the last year to perform before more than 1,000,000 people, in a total of 17 different countries with more than 70 shows in 4 of the 5 continents. To these numbers we must add a total of 19 performances at his summer residence at Pacha Ibiza at the prestigious F *** K ME party! I’M FAMOUS. Included in the Lineups of some of the best festivals in Europe such as parookaville, Balaton soundArenal soundSummer Park, and for the third consecutive year has closed the prestigious and massive Tomorrowland unite in Malta.

Elure is an alternative rock band, post-grungefrom Cartagena, composed of CarlotaÁgatha (Vocalist and guitar), Fernando Liarte (Drums), Ricardo Moreno (Lead guitar) and Betsabé Sánchez (Bassist). They have recently been confirmed in MadCool Festival, sharing the poster with artists like Red Hot Chili peppers, pixies, thekillers, Twenty One Pilots, deftonesamong others.

The Cutouts is a rock band with their own songs in Spanish, made up of four musicians from La Unión and Cartagena, Murcia, back in 2015. Two authors, one band. In Los Recortables, on the one hand, the themes of José Martínez coexist, with lyrics that invite reflection and a legacy Beatlelianaevident in choirs and chords, and on the other Julio Álvarez, with more rockers and challenging and a powerful and direct voice. And to give cohesion to the fusion of both, the rhythmic bases of squeak Pérez on bass and Jorge Gens on drums. Influences of Beatles, Rolling, mclan, Free..

nutman is a group from Cartagena that arises to revitalize Spanish music both inside and outside our region. It is a Pop Rock band formed by Félix Méndez (drums), Bruno Hoyos (bass), José Manuel Sánchez and Pablo Barahona (guitars) and David eyes (voice). All of them front-line musicians with more than 20 years of experience behind them who decide to get together to bring this project to life. In 2020 they presented and won the IV edition of the well-known contest in our region “Vente Pijo”, suspended for reasons of health emergency.

Claudia Vergotti is an Italian emerging singer and songwriter, class of 1997. Since 2016 she lives in Cartagena, Spain, where she dedicates herself to music, composing her own songs, performing at numerous demonstrations and events, and also playing the piano and the guitar.The Claudia’s musical style is pop-rock, influenced by artists like Laura Pausini or Aitana. It is a young, dreamy, romantic and simple style.

Without truce has been active since 2006, preserving sound identity to the rhythm that marks rock in the broadest sense and returns with new material under his arm called “Cuatro Rosas”. Picking up influences from great formations entrenched in the national sound (Revolver, 091, La Frontera or Gamblers Zurdos), the band from Cartagena contributes a new album under the American sound crossed with that original state identity that marks its compositional course.

Noah Calero, born in a musical environment, singing is part of her oldest memories. Different choirs and her time at the conservatory have been key in her training. She has participated in events such as creamurcia, Music from the Llano del Beal, the nights of Luna Joven. This year’s tour is the cover letter for his most recent LP, giving a starting point to his new musical journey.

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Just two weeks to enjoy CARTAGENA SUENAE

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