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She knows it won’t bring him back to life, but Juice WRLD’s mother, Carmella Wallace wants to draw public attention to the inaction of her son’s loved ones. She accuses them of letting her son go to death without really helping him.

Juice WRLD is a rapper whose death following an overdose saddened the music industry. His death had plunged the rap game into a mourning comparable to that which the rappers of Paper Route Empire go through after the death in November 2021 of Young Dolph.

Juice had still managed to make himself immortal through the more than 3000 tracks he had recorded and which continue to be released posthumously. Thus, December 10, 2021 served as the launch date for the second posthumous album, Fighting Demons, by the late Juice WRLD. This album exposes the rapper’s fights against drug addiction and also aims to help many victims to emerge victorious from this fight. Only that the mother of the late rapper is not sure that her son really benefited from such support from those around him at that time.

Juice WRLD’s mom ruins the mood

Carmella Wallace, mother of Juice WRLD wiped away her tears and sat down at the Tamron Hall Show. She distinguished herself with her perpetual fight against drug addiction which took her son from her. This time in the Tamron Hall Show, she expresses some doubts about the real and manifest desire of those close to Juice WRLD to help him win against his addiction and his mental health problems.

In order not to sound accusatory, she rather began by putting the events of that time on the blow of youth and accusing her son of not having chosen people capable of asking him to stop killing himself slowly. Another pretty funny way of saying that Juice WRLD’s entourage loved seeing his son do drugs. ” I just felt like her best interest wasn’t being looked after said Wallace. “I think people had their own agendas and they liked the lifestyle. And they were young too, so they don’t see it the way we see it, but he just didn’t have the people in place to tell him to stop. He didn’t have that support system in place. “.

Everyone was worried except Juice WRLD’s immediate circle

Juice WRLD’s mother continued her intervention by recalling that she had done everything to make sure her son got out of it, but she had not received the support of those who were really close to her son. ” I told him about my fears that he was overdosing and encouraged him to talk to the psychologist who I arranged for him to talk to “, she said at first before continuing and tapping into the anthill to point the finger at those in the inner circle. “But he was nineteen and he knew everything, and the people around him, some of them contacted me, but not the inner circle. »

A responsibility released

By accusing the closed circle of Juice WRLD of not having weighed heavily to save her son, Carmella Wallace draws attention to the importance of being well surrounded and above all of having confidence in the ability of loved ones to pull the victims towards the end. high. Thus, just words are not enough to raise awareness. She realized this herself and revealed, still on Tamron Hall Show, how she had warned her son before his death.

His experience was sparked by listening to a track available on his son’s second studio album Death Race For Love. The track was like a vision of what was to come to Juice WRLD in a few months. “I was very honest with him about my fear. “, had begun to entrust the mother of Juice. ” I remember there was an incident where I was done working and running errands, I said, “I want to put on one of his songs. That day I was listening to a song called “Stuck in a maze” and I started crying. »

She tried to reason with her son with the threat that he wouldn’t stop crying if he died of an overdose. ” I just cried. And that was months before he died. I was so scared, and I told him that, I shared my experience with him. I told him: “If you die like this, it will change my life forever, I won’t be the same”, I couldn’t stop my tears. I knew that in the end, we had to get help, otherwise we wouldn’t make it. »

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Juice WRLD’s mother finally speaks out on her son’s death and has reservations about the sincerity of those around her son | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

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