Joker 2: the musical sequel would be “logical”, according to the film’s composer

The news that Joker: Madness for Two would be partially a musical film raised many questions, to which the composer answered.

Expected at the turn in 2019, the film by Todd Phillips nevertheless broke a historic record, to say the least, and surpassed $1 billion at the box office despite its R classification in the United States (i.e., prohibited for children under 17 not accompanied by an adult). And if this tremendous global profitability (estimated at 2,037%) were not enough, the radical Joker also received remarkable critical acclaim, winning two Golden Globes and two Oscars.

Of course, it didn’t take much more for a sequel to be confirmed, much to the dismay of some fans. In effect, Joker having been conceived as a self-sufficient film, difficult to justify the impetus for a sequel other than pure commercial interest. Since its formalization last June, this new opus subtitled Madness for Two has thus heavily spilled its weight in the specialized columns: between its explosive budgetthe arrival of Lady Gaga in the casting and above all, the revelation that it will be a musical film, the sequel is indeed intriguing.

joker: pictureA Star is Born

If the idea of ​​pushing the song to the Prince of Crime is not surprising given the burlesque tendencies of the character, it nevertheless gave rise to a wave of questions; indeed, the film carried by Joaquin Phoenix focused more on depicting a social drama exploring the darkness of its leading figure only to underline his penchant for maniacal buffoonery.

The film’s composer, Hildur Guðnadottir nevertheless insisted on defending this narrative commitment at the microphone of varietyarguing that despite its improbability, the concept was not so incongruous for all that:

“It’s an interesting decision. I think it will be very exciting to see how this plays out. I also think there’s a certain logic to it. It’s both very logical and very surprising. , whether for me or for the audience. But so far, it’s been an admirable discussion, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of it.”

For the moment, no other details concerning the ins and outs of this new scenario (again co-written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver) have been made public. Only a first image showing Arthur Fleck having his beard trimmed at Arkham Asylum was unveiled last December. It will therefore be a question of taking your troubles patiently before discovering a little more about this fascinating intrigue. Until then, Joker is at (re)discover on the Netflix catalog since December 23.


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Joker 2: the musical sequel would be “logical”, according to the film’s composer

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