John Carpenter (Halloween) tells what his favorite Metallica song is

John Carpenter is one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema, especially when it comes to horror movies. Carpenter has great classics such as the movies: They Live, The Fog, The Thing and one of his greatest works, if not the most representative of his entire film career, Halloween; pioneer tape in the Slasher subgenre.

The filmmaker, who is 74 years old today, was talking to the Metal Injection medium as part of the premiere of the new Halloween movie: Halloween Ends, the chapter that brings the trilogy to a close directed by David Gordon Green and is made by the production company BlumHouse. In the interview, Metal Injection talked to Carpenter about topics such as Halloween movies, horror movies, music, his love of the Beatles, his friendship with Alice Cooper, his disregard for Ozzy, and his favorite song from The Beatles. Metallica.

Next, we share excerpts from the interview between Metal Injection and John Carpenter:

Metal Injection: I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about rock music and heavy metal, given who we are. There have been some pretty classic quotes over the years that say you’re a huge fan of Metallica, particularly ’90s Metallica. I’m curious, growing up absorbing classical music, what would have been some of your first introductions to heavier music or to rock? Were you absorbing early Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath or Deep Purple?

John Carpenter: “I wouldn’t mind Ozzy Osbourne that much.”

Metal Injection: Aren’t you an Ozzy guy?

John Carpenter: “No, not really. I didn’t think I had much of a voice, but my roots in rock and roll go back to the ’50s. I grew up with ’50s rock and also ’50s pop music. And then when the Beatles came along, it was all over. . It was over. That was it”.

Metal Injection: Were you a Beatles obsessive?

John Carpenter: “Oh, I loved them, and the British Invasion and so on. All the music of the 60s was brilliant. Nothing like that.”

Metal Injection: I’m curious about your opinion on Alice Cooper. Would that have been something you gravitated toward at the time, given the macabre nature of what he does?

John Carpenter: “[Risas] ‘No school forever’. You know, it’s fine. I like Alice. Alice is a friend, so.

Metal Injection: I guess the stage production and the shock rock element was always something that really appealed to me. Would you have appreciated a good music video or a good stage production? Or were you a music for music’s sake guy in terms of your rock?

John Carpenter: “I like everything. The music videos, some of them were great. The ‘Sledgehammer’ video was great. ‘Tomorrow’s Girls’ was great. Anyway, there are a lot of them that are great.”

Metal Injection: You mentioned Metallica. Do you have a favorite song or album? If we think about heavy metal in general, are you strictly speaking a Metallica guy? Or do you like a good guitar riff here and there? How far or deep are your roots in heavy metal?

John Carpenter: “Well, the best Metallica song is probably ‘Enter Sandman’. It’s classic. Yeah, I’m a guitar riff guy, but that goes way back. Even in the 50’s they were doing those things. The Stones were making riffs, over and over again. So I embrace all rock except when it gets into the most modern stuff. I’m not a fan of rap. And anyway, we’ll leave all of that alone.”

Halloween Ends is already in theaters and is the final chapter in which the destiny between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the iconic Michael Myers will be defined. Next, we share the trailer of the film:

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John Carpenter (Halloween) tells what his favorite Metallica song is

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