Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, emancipates himself as a millennial sex symbol

Taylor Swift’s fandom has been analyzing each and every one of the singer’s lyrics for more than a decade to identify details of her personal life. It can be understood why the singer-songwriter was a specialist in dropping clues so that the followers could imagine if she was talking about Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles either John Mayer. This is why it is so peculiar that, now that she has found emotional stability next to Joe Alwyn, her main inspiration for the album lover, so few details of the actor are known, until now reserved but willing to move to the forefront of the industry. It’s time to stop being just Taylor Swift’s boyfriend to become the new visible face of Sally Rooney’s universe.

If we pay attention to the precedents, Alwyn has numbers to become the new sex-symbol of prestige. The adaptation of Normal peoplewhich Rooney herself wrote with Alice Birch and Mark O’Rowe, served to make Paul Mescal an instant star, who ended up nominated for an Emmy and won a Bafta (and who, after his newfound popularity, met his current partner, singer Phoebe Bridgers, Swift’s collaborator). And, considering that the millennial writer repeats behind the scenes to conversations between friendswho will take his first novel to television, why shouldn’t the situation be repeated?

‘Conversations Between Friends’ adapts the best-seller by Sally Rooney, who has already transferred the literary phenomenon of ‘Normal People’ to television with a Paul Mescal converted into a sex symbol

Themes are repeated. The ability of the individual to lose himself and experience during the university stage. A relationship with tense sex. The shadow of the family, even when it is not present, to mark the identity. But Alwyn does not get into student territory at 31 years old, no, but he plays the character of Nick, an actor married to a writer (Jemima Kirke). When he comes into contact with two college girls who write poetry together, Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobbi (Sasha Lane), the dynamics of the four threaten both the girls’ friendship and Nick’s marriage.

And it is up to him to prepare for popularity on his own merits and not simply because of the person with whom he shares life and whom he hardly sees together. Rooney is not only considered one of the voices of the millennial generation but, as we pointed out with Mescal, he has the gift of hypnotizing the public with his male characters, who exhibit their insecurities on paper and on screen, and who must also be willing to undress on the screen. She was asked if she was willing to shoot frontals but she was respected for her choice not to. “If I’m honest, I forget that other people will be able to see it,” she told in an interview with vulture this week.

‘Conversations Between Friends’ premieres this Sunday on HBO Max.

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This conversations between friends, which lands on HBO Max this Sunday, is a second chance in the role of protagonist. Audiences may now remember him for well-received supporting roles such as The favourite Yorgos Lanthimos where he shared scenes especially with Emma Stone, in Boy Erased of Joel Edgerton or the Mary, Queen of Scots with Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. But, in reality, he had made his big debut in Hollywood: the role of Billy Lynn in billy lynn by Ang Lee.

It was a crazy choice. The English actor had just graduated from a drama school in London when days later he received a call: they wanted to see him in New York because they had liked the tape he had sent them. He auditioned to play Billy Lynn, an American soldier who becomes a celebrity in the country after a televised heroic act.

It is not his first leading role: it premiered in 2016 with ‘Billy Lynn’, the film by the Oscar winner Ang Lee that hit it critically and at the box office

The director was convinced of the talent of this young man who had not even a day of experience in front of the cameras, but he had a doubt. “He was too handsome?” He confessed in interviews. He brushed it off because he found his face “interesting”. But, curiously, he became a constant in his career. The first time Taylor Swift wrote about him was in Gorgeous: “You’re so wonderful that I can’t say anything to your face. Because look at the face.” And in conversations between friends his character is annoyed that others pay more attention to his face than to his intellect.

Either way, the experience of billy lynn it wasn’t the launching pad a beginning actor might want. The director was Ang Lee, who had already won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for Tiger and dragon and two as director for Brokeback Mountain Y The life of Pi. Simon Beaufoy, another Oscar winner for Slumdog Millionaire. The specialized media assumed that Lee would again opt for the Oscar in 2017 for a film that, moreover, was an experiment: it could be a drama but he wanted to shoot it in 3D and with a novel technique of 120 frames per second.


Joe Alwyn as Billy Lynn, the part he landed for Ang Lee when he was fresh out of drama school in London.

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The film was accused of flatness, the technique of distraction and the box office was a disaster: 1.7 million dollars in the United States and a total of almost 31 million for a film with a budget of 40 million without taking into account the costs of promotion. The actor it was consistant that “it wasn’t a name, it wasn’t a face, it wasn’t going to finance the film” and that no one was going to buy movie tickets to see it, that the incentives were different, but it wasn’t the best letter of introduction to society for a actor: being the face of a failure, even when the critics don’t even mess with the affected person’s interpretation.

Now that the cameras are focused on his face again in a leading role, Alwyn is not at the same point. He even has a Grammy for best album for his role in composing Folklore by Swift. During confinement he was installed with his partner. He had in his head one of the songs that his partner was composing when she began to hum and improvise. Swift, who holds the record for best album Grammys tied with Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon for her work with Fearless1989 and Folklore, asked him to sit down and compose with her. That was how Alwyn wrote the chorus of Bettyone of the songs on the album.

He would also end up participating in the composition or production of exile, my tears ricochet and August of that Folkloreand in the album Evermore published after a few months appeared in the credits of the songs Champagne Troubles, Coney Island Y Evermore. All the songs were signed under a pseudonym: William Bowery. And, after conquering the world of bounce music, it’s television’s turn.

He has a Grammy for best album as composer and producer of ‘Folklore’ by Taylor Swift, where he began his collaboration after humming ‘Betty’ at home

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Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, emancipates himself as a millennial sex symbol

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