Jesús Pascual premieres ‘Dolores guapa!’: “Easter and Lady Gaga are first cousins” – Shangay

jesus paschal theatrical release of his documentary Sweet pain!a work that comes to give visibility –and do justice– to all those LGTBIQ+ people who live Holy Week intensely.

Sweet pain!which has already been seen at festivals such as the one in Seville and the Lesgaicinemad in Madrid, was born from the interest of the Sevillians Jesús Pascual and his producer, Antonio Bonilla, for materializing a project that had always interested the director. “That it has reached cinemas in several cities in Spain is something that we find hard to believe, because we did it without great pretensions,” he explains.

Jesús Pascual considers that he could not have been one of the protagonists of this film, “although me, like so many people, as soon as I was born they signed me up for a brotherhood,” he recalls. “I left Nazarene as a child, but I never led a brotherhood life. Y When I started to like Lady Gaga as a teenager, I thought I didn’t fit in with that world.And I gave it up.”


Jesus Pascual premieres Dolores guapa Easter and Lady Gaga are

jesus paschal

When his friends who were in brotherhoods told him, in a low voice, their stories of first loves and touching with other boys, Jesús Pascual’s vision of the brotherhood world began to change, “although that’s where it stayed.”

Following the famous viral video of Sweet pain!, which gives the documentary its title, saw clearly that such a work was necessary. “Because many of the comments on the networks were loaded with homophobia and plumophobia, even classism. I got the feeling that the people who criticized that scene did not have the codes to understand what they really saw“. He confesses that he himself did not have them, so he decided to investigate the world of the LGTBIQ + brotherhood and the so-called “little chapels”.

He found almost no documentation that could serve as a reference (“just a few videos in which, once again, the sissies who have virgins in their houses were ridiculed”), and he was even more clear that it was a subject that deserved to be treated rigorously. . “Yes I found literature on the relationship between fagots and divas, and for me it was the same…, so I started drawing parallels“.

SHANGHAI ⇒ How did you find the people who star in the documentary?
EASTER JESUS ⇒ We made an appeal through social networks, and people from all over Andalusia who wanted to share their stories answered us. We did a lot of interviews and we already made a selection of people.

“The Andalusian ladybug who loves Holy Week has always enjoyed a certain visibility”

SHANGHAI ⇒ What struck you the most?
EASTER JESUS ⇒ That there is a process of socialization within the brotherhoods that does not occur in other areas, because straight people live with total normality that there is a group of queers that create links between them, and that they skip typical traumas of queer adolescence. The figure of the Andalusian ladybug who loves Holy Week is nothing new, because historically he has been able to enjoy visibility because there was a role reserved for him, which neither men nor women could occupy, he has always represented a kind of third gender, although without living his sexuality openly.

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SHANGHAI ⇒ What features are we talking about?
EASTER JESUS ⇒ In the world of guilds there are several. Like the figure of the dressing room, hence the expression “stay to dress saints”, which reflects something real. Because virgins cannot be dressed by men, and being sacred figures, for a sexist reason women, in principle, could not do it either, unless they were nuns. And there was the perfect figure in the middle, that of the sissy, who could then have the help of certain women.

As a man should not express his feelings in public, in principle he could not yell at virgins in the street, and women, out of modesty, either. The ladybug yes. And thanks to those functions he could get some social recognition. Although the fact that he did not want to appear in the documentary any dressing room also tells you about his precarious situation…

SHANGHAI ⇒ The equalization of the footbridges of RuPaul’s Drag Race with the passage of the virgins through the street it is fascinating…
EASTER JESUS ⇒ [Risas] Just like the older man who shares his testimony, he would never equate a virgin with a transvestite, but we see that he talks to you about Macarena as if she were a folklore. That admiration for a female figure with enormous power was experienced equally with a virgin as with Juanita Reina. And now it makes sense that the same thing happens with transvestites. In the same way that many transvestites take elements of this imaginary and incorporate it into their drag, because now they can do it.

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SHANGHAI ⇒ You raise another interesting question: that devotion to images is not always accompanied by a religious sentiment…
EASTER JESUS ⇒ It is something that, at least in Seville, is very clear. Because, obviously, not everyone who lives Holy Week there is fervently Catholic, when they are the minority. That devotion has much more to do with belonging to a neighborhood or the connection with your childhood and your family. It is a spirituality that does not have a closed relationship with Catholic doctrine.

SHANGHAI ⇒ How wonderful that a trans woman who appears in the documentary is one of the two people who starred in that famous viral video…
EASTER JESUS ⇒ Yes, Lola. It took us a long, long time to convince her. The two people in that video had a terrible time, and although I told Lola with great care what we were going to do, she told us no at first. At least we convinced her to meet for coffee and that she could help us with the focus of the documentary. As we talked, she corrected us for certain things, until a point came when she decided to leave.

For me, her testimony is one of the strongest, and on top of that, she eats up the camera… In more than a moment I was recording and my hair stood on end, and I even shed some tears, listening to her. Because her relationship with the virgin from her neighborhood was for a time the only way she found to express herself as she really was and recognize herself. So much so that when she transitioned she took the name of the virgin.

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SHANGHAI ⇒ Has your perspective on sororities changed as a result of directing this documentary?
EASTER JESUS ⇒ Not from the brotherhoods, but from the fagots that are within them. From the outside, he put them all in the same group: people with zero political awareness, zero questioning of life and of what they were doing… There is a bit of everything, obviously, but we have met people who are very Catholic, very involved in their brotherhood, who They were the ones who most dared to criticize the institution, and they told us anecdotes about how they stand up to priests, older brothers and whoever is needed. They consciously move things from inside to let in some fresh air. That caught my attention. And in the end I ended up realizing that Easter and Lady Gaga are first cousins.



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Jesús Pascual premieres ‘Dolores guapa!’: “Easter and Lady Gaga are first cousins” – Shangay

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