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Jeep is entering the era of electrification. Now affiliated with the Stellantis group, the American brand is unveiling the Jeep Avenger, a first 100% electric SUV which will make its first public appearance at the Paris Motor Show in October 2022. Design, electric motor, range, charging time charging, interior, price… Find here all the information on the Jeep Avenger, the first electric SUV in Jeep history.


From the outside, there is no doubt. This Jeep Avenger is indeed a Jeep. 4.08 meters long, the car features the famous seven-slot grille that characterizes each model of the American manufacturer. For the rest, this Jeep Avenger is distinguished by its prominent fenders, its trapezoidal wheel arches, its X-shaped taillights but also its 18-inch rims.

The specificities

Only offered in electric, the Jeep Avenger is based on the e-CMP technical platform, the same as the Peugeot e-2008 or the DS 3 E-Tense. The compact SUV has a 115 kW electric motor, or 156 horsepower for 260 Nm of torque. The block is associated with a 54 kWh battery. According to the WLTP homologation cycle, this battery gives the Avenger an electric range of 400 kilometers in the combined cycle, or 550 kilometers in the urban cycle. Jeep advertises that 20-80% charging is possible in 24 minutes using a direct current (DC) hookup of 100 kW. It is of course possible to recharge the Avenger with 11 kW alternating current (AC), but this takes much longer.

On board the Avenger, the dashboard features a 10.25-inch Uconnect touchscreen. This panel is associated with a 7 or 10.25 inch digital instrument panel depending on the version chosen. There are also electrically adjustable leather massaging seats, a 380-litre trunk, and even a level 2 autonomous driving system. for urban use.


The Jeep Avenger is manufactured at the Stellantis factory in Tychy, Poland. The basic model is available from €36,500. The 1st Edition is marketed from €39,500, or via a long-term rental offer (LLD) of 24 months or 20,000 kilometres. The amount of his monthly payment? €249, after the payment of a first rent of €3,500 and above all the deduction of an ecological bonus of €6,000 as well as a conversion bonus of €2,500. You must therefore have an old vehicle to scrap to take advantage of this price. The most expensive version of the Jeep Avenger is the Summit trim, which retails for a minimum price of $42,500 at launch.

  • 156 horsepower
  • 260Nm
  • Autonomy: between 400 and 550 kilometers
  • Charging time: 24 minutes at 100kW DC
  • Price: from €39,500 at launch

Our opinion

The Jeep Avenger was on display at the 2022 edition of the Paris Motor Show, during which we were able to get close to it. 16 cm smaller than the Jeep Renegade, while remaining in the same category of city SUVs, it adopts a more dynamic, more muscular look. Very compact with its 4.08 m long, this is felt inside, with limited space in the rear seats and a 355-litre boot well below what one would expect from this type of bodywork. On the other hand, there is plenty of storage inside, 34 liters in total with a practical and deep 1.5 liter bin between the front seats. A fold-out magnetic cover serves as its cover, an originality that is added to the central tube-shaped strip, backlit at its ends. Original but the general construction rather uses basic materials, hard plastics not necessarily very rewarding. A pitfall especially in view of the asking price, necessarily important for a model only existing in electric. Starting at €39,500 for the launch edition, its interest will be more in its all-road capabilities, thanks to its significant angles of attack, ventral and flight, as well as its driving modes adapted to different levels. adhesion. Features in the spirit of Jeep and unusual in the category for a city SUV.

The Jeep Avenger in 5 questions

What is the price ?

The price applied to the electric Jeep Avenger is €36,500 in the basic version, excluding the State’s ecological bonus. The most expensive model is the Avenger in Summit finish, with a minimum price of €42,500. Excluding bonuses, a mid-range model in the Longitude finish costs €38,000. For the 1st Edition, Jeep puts forward a long-term rental offer (LLD) at €249 per month for 24 months or 20,000 kilometers. Except that to benefit from this rate from which an ecological bonus of €6,000 is deducted, you must pay a first rent of €3,500 and benefit from a conversion bonus of €2,500.

What is its autonomy?

With its 54 kWh battery, the Jeep Avenger has an electric range of 400 kilometers in the combined cycle, according to WLTP certification data. In town, autonomy is much better. The certification cycle announces an electric range of 550 kilometers in urban areas for the Jeep Avenger.

What is its power?

This model is based on the e-CMP platform common to the Stellantis group. The Jeep Avenger thus develops a power of 156 horsepower for 260 Nm of torque.

What is its recharge time?

Several options are available to owners of the Jeep Avenger to recharge their vehicle. In alternating current (AC) of 11 kW, this recharge necessarily takes several hours. But with a direct current (DC) recharge of 100 kW, on a fast terminal, it is possible to go from 20 to 80% autonomy in just 24 minutes.

What equipment is inside this model?

On board the Jeep Avenger is a 10.25-inch Uconnect touchscreen. This screen is associated with a 7 or 10.25 inch digital instrument panel depending on the version chosen. The cabin also includes electrically adjustable leather massaging seats, a level 2 autonomous driving system and even modes dedicated to off-road driving. The cargo volume of the trunk is set at 355 liters.

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Jeep Avenger – reviews, price, technical sheet, autonomy, photos and videos

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