Javier Ruibal puts the finishing touch to the concerts at the Hotel Colón in Seville

The Iconic Nights of Columbus present the last meeting of its 1st edition to live a unique experience in Seville, in which music, gastronomy, architecture, interior design and history come together in a genuine way. Xavier Ruibal will be the protagonist concert special this Thursday, June 23, in the cycle of concerts born from the close collaboration between the organization of Icónica Sevilla Fest, the promoter Green Cow Studio, and the Colon Hotel of Gran Meliá in Seville, one of the sponsors of the event in the Plaza de España in Seville. Tickets are on sale at: https://iconicafest.com/iconic-nights/.

The Iconic Nights of the Hotel Colón have welcomed different genres and artists, specifically Mayte Martín, Jorge Pardo & Daniel Casares, Argentina and Cuca Roseta, always with the Flemish as a point of union, and in dialogue with the space that hosts it: the Hotel Colón de Gran Meliá. This June, these Iconic Nights come to an end with Javier Ruibal, in a long-awaited event that will take place at La Abacería of the Hotel Colón Gran Meliá, a place where only fifty people will be able to enjoy a show that will leave no one indifferent.

Javier Ruibal concert in Seville

Xavier Ruibal is one of the great contributors to Spanish music and culture, awarded, among other recognitions, with the Medalla de las Artes de Andalucía and the Goya for Best Original Song 2020 for Intemperie, composed for the film of the same name by Benito Zambrano. The artist is considered by critics as a “musician of musicians”, being admired and claimed by great musical references, cinema, dance and theater of this country, he is the author of emblematic works by artists such as Ana Belén, Javier Krahe, Martirio , Passion Vega or Monica Molina.

This new opportunity to enjoy music and Seville in a different and exquisite way will once again remain in the memory of all those present, thanks to the performance that will offer a whole National Award for Current Musicthrough his own compositions, with his omnipresent Cádiz essence, as well as traveling from the Maghreb to Brazil, from India to the Caribbean, or from jazz, to flamenco, rock and Sephardic music.

The Iconic Nights of Columbus are distinguished by their reduced format with limited capacity. The concerts have been held, throughout its 1st edition, in different locations of this historic hotel in Seville, recently renovated, which is an emblematic place in the Andalusian city to which the architect Álvaro Sans has given a new vitality: from the lobby with the glass dome to the Burladero restaurant passing through La Abacería and the Bar del Colón as new gastronomic proposals, and the different lounges. The imperial bookstore of him, the discovery center or the 7th Floor Terrace with panoramic views of the urban core, are other strong points of a differential and distinctive setting in which any space can host a meeting dedicated to culture and the arts.

The concert series will return in the fall

The organization confirms that this applauded musical and experiential cycle will continue once the II edition of Iconic Seville FestFestival that will take place between September 16 and October 14, 2022, in the Plaza de España in Seville.

The ambitious space that the Hotel Colón of Gran Meliá represents opens up to the Sevillian public thanks to this cycle of Las Noches Icónicas del Colón. These are not configured as a simple concert one Thursday a month, their proposal goes much further, offering meetings with great artists in which different factors make the difference, such as the renovated spaces of the hotel. Each night lived in this 2022 has been developed in a different location of the site itself, and, in addition, the attending public has been received with a distinguished tasting, consisting of an aperitif designed by the gastronomic team of La Abacería del Colón and a cocktail created based on Sherry wines, offered by Bodegas Williams & Humbert, according to the musical proposal. All the senses matter and play a fundamental role in an unforgettable evening.

Grocery and Warehouses give away a culinary journey to the experiences lived by Columbus and his crew, on their journey in 1492, since they left Spain, until they arrived in the Americas, in a story told in the form of cocktails, with ingredients and experiences that will transmit and will transport the attendees to each lived moment. During the hard journey, the crew was only able to take with them ingredients that would withstand the weather inside the ship. Among them was Sherry wine, also a kind of double-cooked bread that the sailors called biscuit, which was baptized as the ship’s bread, a couple that dipped it in wine they ate on the trip to make it easier to digest… Now, this bread will be revived in the Iconic Nights of the Hotel Colón.

As in each of the concerts lived to date, Javier Ruibal’s will start at 9:00 p.m., while the doors will open an hour before, to start the tasting and cocktail at 8:15 p.m. , in an ideal prelude in which Icónica Sevilla Fest and Gran Meliá’s Hotel Colón surprise with some different, intimate and personal musical eventsin these months prior to the 2022 edition of the Festival.

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Javier Ruibal puts the finishing touch to the concerts at the Hotel Colón in Seville

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