Jarabe de Palo, C. Tangana, Bunbury, Ed Sheeran and even Cantajuegos, in the soundtrack of Rayden’s first novel

Rayden has published several books, but until now they were focused on poetry or their songbook. But now he debuts in the genre novel with Close up of cactus woman and balloon man which its editorial defines as “a hymn to the value of what is different. A luminous love story between opposites that attract, without toxic relationships”.

It tells the story of Sahara, who works in the small family flower shop, although she dreams of other equally green horizons where her mother’s shadow does not block the sun. Sahara knows all types of love and the flowers that accompany each one.. But she is closed in mistrust.

Ciro works as a delivery man posing as Nico while he is on leave. He has one goal: not to be like his father. And he goes out of his way to show that he is a good person while his aspirations are being frustrated. Ciro deceives himself with each attack with an excessive passion that he confuses with love. Accessible skin. Impregnable heart.

Sahara and Ciro collide. Literally. They do it at the door of a bar in Madrid. And they hate each other… until in their solitudes they realize that with the shock over the rage a flame was lit. Perhaps the wind will fan it, if they build a space between the currents. Perhaps in it the shadows in which they hide will fly. Perhaps they can burn together and not burn: the cactus woman and the balloon man, drawing water from the air.

Novel and song that share title

“I don’t know what came before, if the song or the novel, but thanks to the cactus woman and the balloon man for bringing positions closer. In a world where different is considered impossible, my heart is on the side of the unlikely who dare”, comments the author.

And it is that first we knew the song and now the book arrives, but it is not clear what came before.

What we do know is that it is A romance novel where a boy meets a girl and they have a happy ending.. But until he gets there, the author sticks his finger in the eye that refuses to see that there is much more to these (some) stories.

Neither love nor life come with an instruction manual, but there are those who, based on observation, seem to have more keys. And Rayden is not one to close his eyes.

An instagrammable novel

When the novel comes out, more than one will read it with a pen in hand and it is because some of his phrases are one of those that are ideal to reproduce on Instagram and, also, with music, which is part of his playlist.

And it is that this novel has a lot of music, and not only by the author. A song precedes each chapter of this novel and that makes clear how eclectic his tastes are.

we can find White Stripes, lupe fiasco, Serrat, Paolo Nutini, marlango with Enrique Bunbury, The Boys of the Corn, Carmen Boza, Inferno Hype Boy, Old Morla, super submarine, guitarricadelafuente, alabama shakes, ismael serrano, Ed Sheeran, Sing games, Amaro Ferreiro, frank 126, long live sweden, lao ra & C. Tangana, stick syrup and Ivan Ferreiro.

some fragments

There is love, passion, but also that critical spirit that has always characterized Rayden who looks at life without passing by. And these fragments prove it.

  • “In the rain, the discussions are downloaded with epic included and we are all more undesirable. Shower sex is completely overrated. Nostalgia is revalued ”.
  • “A flower shop on Sundays is a minimal service. Salvation for those who have screwed up to the bottom with her partner the night before and need to make up for it by appealing to symbolized cheap romanticism ”.
  • “Coral always finds the right gift and, even if you don’t get anything on your birthday, you know that in the remaining three hundred and sixty-four days (if it’s not a leap year) you’ll get the best possible gift.”
  • “I go to the “Followed” tab on Instagram. Lara forty-five minutes ago has given “I like” four publications of “poems”, to call them in some way. I don’t understand at what point writing four shits in a vertical format has become the new poetry”.
  • “Now the booths are exhibitors where influence is displayed. Long lines for a jerk who uploads videos to YouTube or Twitch to sign a book that he has not written.”
  • “There is more Kamasutra in contained hugs than in kisses…”.
  • What if I could live without him? Perfectly. Both alone and with others. She could have a great time. Back to adrenaline. Leaving other people’s houses with panties in my pocket. Brand new lingerie every weekend. Travel without warning. Not having to balance schedules. To feel that my body is discovered with the hunger of the first times or to pass from men, to buy an external battery for the satisfyer and to focus on myself. No, I wouldn’t die without him. But I would live in lower case again ”.

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Jarabe de Palo, C. Tangana, Bunbury, Ed Sheeran and even Cantajuegos, in the soundtrack of Rayden’s first novel

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