“It’s a Sin”, what is the new nugget from the creator of “Years and Years” worth?

” VS’is a lab scam. Do you believe in this disease that only kills if you’re gay? And the bis, then, they are sick every other day? “And the Haitians?” And hemophiliacs? In fact, that’s it, the disease targets the letter H… Who’s next? The people of Harlepool, Hampshire, Hull…? Attention, Russell T Davies, the creator of the dystopian Years and Yearsis back with a new punchy miniseries! It’s a Sin, which borrows its name from a Pet Shop Boys song number 1 in the United Kingdom in 1987, recounts, without makeup, the appearance of AIDS in England in the early 1980s.

Ritchie, Roscoe, Colin, Jill and Ash are eighteen years old, they have life ahead of them, the carelessness of youth, and intend to take advantage of the wind of freedom blowing over the decade. But little by little, the certainties and the crazy London evenings that the group of friends organize in their flatshare, the “Pink Palace”, will be shaken by the appearance of this mysterious disease, this “gay cancer” which begins to decimate the community. “I looked elsewhere for years, confided in January the Welsh screenwriter to the Anglo-Saxon press. And finally, I can put AIDS at the heart of a fiction. It will therefore have taken him forty years to recount this dead silence, the omerta of the media and politicians, the funeral directors who refuse to bury the bodies for fear of seeing their employees infected, the families who deny the homosexuality of their children, the sick who flee the city to return to die out of sight, shame, loneliness. And especially ignorance.

From laughter to tears

How does this disease spread? At the time, no one knew. AIDS is then only a vague rumor, an urban legend from America, which reaches bars and nightclubs with flyers that end up trampled on the dancefloor. Russell T Davies, who was, like his characters, 18 years old in 1981, particularly remembers this denial in which the LGBT community had locked itself. “At first, everyone believed in anti-gay manipulation. When we realized that was not the case, of course, it was too late. “The showrunner, to whom we also owe the resurrection of Doctor Who in the early 2000s and the excellent Queer as Folk, was partly inspired by one of her best friends, Jill Nalder – who plays the mother of her fictional double in the series. “She was more invested than me. She has much more merit in the sense that she spent more time than me on the AIDS front, he says in the press kit. Many women have been and still are important in the fight against AIDS, and I think that was not shown enough on screen. »

In five episodes, which move from laughter to tears, from comedy to tragedy, from musical comedy to sociological tale, It’s a Sin manages to grasp this subtle shift that took the virus from an underground and misunderstood threat to the pandemic that we know. First refused by the BBC and ITV, finally hosted by Channel 4 and its All 4 streaming platform, the miniseries broke its viewing record with 6.5 million British viewers in one month. A slap that could well seduce the French public in turn. As a prequel to 120 beats per minute, the shocking movie by Robin Campillo covered in awards in 2017.

It’s a SinBritish series by Russell T Davies (2021) since March 22 on Canal+.

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“It’s a Sin”, what is the new nugget from the creator of “Years and Years” worth?

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