Italian Queen, forward for the show around the Neapolitan pizza!

Opened in the heart of the Val d’Europe shopping center, in Marne-la-Vallée this Saturday, May 20, the beautiful Italian with an American accent has finally entered the scene. A fiery temperament for this restaurant which celebrates the famous Neapolitan pizza in the rules of the art but which wants to be fully a place of life throughout the day with its cocktails, its hot gourmet drinks, its tiramisu bar, its aperitivo and table service at dinner time.

Wall fresco evoking the street, trendy New York retro-industrial look, contemporary Italian design, vast counter open to a pizza oven that puts on a show, welcome to the new temple of Neapolitan pizza version Jonathan Jablonski, Eric Dujourd’ today and Georges Meurisse! For the trio of partners, experienced in the catering and hotel industry, the challenge was clear: imagine a place and a brand identity that make you want to linger, to stop at any time of the day and to consume, in a modern atmosphere, good and real. At the heart of the concept, of course, pizza, but not just any, the real Neapolitan, developed alongside the very creative pizza maker Julien Antioniolli (Lupo). On the menu, selected flour, double fermentation, a 300 g dough piece, tomatoes of the San Marzano variety (necessarily), Fior di latte mozzarella according to your selection, and the highlight of this permanent show, cooking at 450° in less than 2 minutes in the oven, beating heart of the Queen. A story telling all that is more fast casual, like the concepts developed for several years by the specialist in the genre, JAB Enterprise, of which Factory & Co is the spearhead.

The terminal at lunchtime, table service in the evening

Located in the restaurant area, next to the Factory & Co in the shopping center, Italian Queen has just taken up residence. With its 120 seats, the concept has evolved from the original idea inspired by the 800° restaurant in the US where you follow step by step the entire development of the pizza. Here, the customer journey begins with an order taking terminal (there are 2 double-sided ones from Innovorder) at lunch time on which you can choose from a dozen references all made in the eyes of customers. From the Mamma Queen B, to the Cheezy Larra, the Truffle me I’m famous, The Queen on fire…, they all have this American accent and this taste for travel, whether they are in veggie, spicy, green version, with smoked salmon, roast chicken, truffles, salami, smoked scamorza… while remaining very Italian at heart. Because at Italian Queen, we assume this quirky, fun and trendy side. As proof, it is possible, even suggested, to pimp your pizzas with classic or funky toppings from English cheddar with caramelized bacon to creamy burrata or spicy mayo sauce for a price starting at €9 for the margherita Mama Queen B up to €18 for the truffle. If technology is at the service of speed at noon, on the other hand in the evening, change of pace. Make way for experience, contact and exchange with table service, which site manager William Moreau, a catering pro, intends to take particular care of.

Our concept is unique in France, lively, fun, intensely Italian with New York accents, Jonathan Jablonski

At the rhythm of the day

If the Queen intends to reign with panache over the times of meals, she will remain just as sovereign over all the other moments of the day that she intends to delight from morning to evening. With a whole range of sweets both for the morning snack, for the final touch of the meal, or the afternoon snack. There is of course the emblem of Italian desserts, the tiramisu (made in the house laboratory like the dough pieces by the way) which has every intention of being a strong character trait of the brand, twisted and available in 5 flavors (€4.9 for the classic coffee to €5.5 for the others). There are also Sundays like in the Americans, the Nutella pizza (because you need one, they say), before the upcoming arrival of two cheesecakes, one with limoncello, the other with Amaretto . But the newcomer to the Val d’Europe catering division also wanted to be present in its own way, from Happy Hour to Aperitivo with its sharing boards and its cocktail menu, with or without alcohol. It is enough to browse the offer to see that here again, the impertinent Queen has done as she pleases with the Italian classics. As proof, the Spritz becomes Love with its rose & raspberry syrup or frenzied with its limoncello and basil leaf.

italian queen

Eric Dujourdh’hui (RD Finance) and Jonathan Jablonski (JAB Enterprise), co-founder of Italian Queen with Georges Meurisse

As Jonathan Jablonski underlines, “we sent some heavy stuff” and already Italian Queen can also show the muscles. With an average target ticket of €16 at lunchtime and €20 in the evening, the one who wants to become queen of the Neapolitan, is aiming for more than €2.5 million in turnover in the first year. Confident, its sponsors are already working on 2 future locations.

Find Jonathan Jablonski who will present Italian Queen at the Snacking Congress on June 7th.

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Italian Queen, forward for the show around the Neapolitan pizza!

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