It was recorded when Dua Lipa dropped the microphone live

The beautiful British singer Dua Lipa is performing her Future Nostalgia Tour around the world, visiting various countries and cities, after this tour was postponed due to the issue of the pandemic that occurred in 2020, when his second studio album was released.

2022 started and the 26-year-old singer started the tour, starting within the United States, going to different cities, lately she has been very aware of her different social networks and very close to her fans, sharing her experience in the places he has visited, as well as small fragments of his concerts.

All artists know that “whatever happens, the show must go on” is a motto that Dua Lipa knows and knows very well, since something unexpected happened in one of her presentations, because the beautiful British was interpreting the single that made her name begin to be known internationally, we talk about “New Rules“.

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Interpreting “New Rules“, wearing a flirtatious and eye-catching fluorescent green jumpsuit that fit perfectly on her slim silhouette, long gloves that combined correctly with the same hue as her suit, her dark and black hair in a perfect straightened and loose, an outfit iconic for an iconic moment.

Well, with one hand he held the microphone, while he danced because his concerts are full of dance, lights, he danced with his dancers, they wore blue jumpsuits and carried transparent umbrellas, all being part of the show, the public enjoying the show they were witnessing until it happened.

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Dua Lipa exact moment where the microphone fell live, photo: instagram

Dua Lipa With one hand he held the microphone and with the other he made movements that the choreography required and with his right hand (the one with the microphone) he stretches his arm. British, begins to try to find it, all this while the trail continues in the background.

She has no choice but to laugh and, like a true professional, continues with the show, as she begins to dance and try to sing without him, until a person from her team goes on stage to give her another one, taken with the best attitude, she continued with his presentation.

BY CLICKING HERE you can see the exact moment it happened.

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It was recorded when Dua Lipa dropped the microphone live

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