Is the long dress the dress to wear in all seasons?

After the trend of micro-skirts, it seems that showing your legs is not really on the agenda anymore. The summer heat is packing up to make way for cool mornings and leafy streets. And even the most daring of fashionistas can get cold! To deal with this change of season, fashionistas are adapting and bringing out an essential piece of wardrobe: the long dress. Although too often decried as the favorite dress of little grandmothers, long dresses have found the steps of the catwalks of the various Fashion Weeks. Long floral dresses, white like wedding dresses, or in jeans, the fashion piece is popular. And for good reason, long dresses act as a chameleon piece in all dressing rooms. They adapt to all morphologies, go to the smallest and the largest, and have just enough coverage for chilly people or fans of covering fashion.

The long dress, champion of the 4 seasons

Dresses are essential for the season, rain or shine. Adopted by Jennifer Lopez in a crochet version under the Italian sun or by the model Kate Moss for a 100% bohemian look under the gray London sky, long dresses have become one of the (many) pieces that all it-girls tear themselves away. Designers and luxury brands have understood this well, fashion trend drags on for the greatest pleasure of the fashionistas in the front rows of the parades. Long dresses are available in all styles… and are the centerpieces of many collections! Haute Couture version of the Elie Saab house or bohemian in the German brand Marcel Ostertag, one thing is certain, dresses long are there to stay in front of our dressing rooms.

Know how to wear the long dress

Although long dresses are the prerogative of the surroundings of the beaches of the Mediterranean to the borders of Brittany once summer comes, this type of dress adapts to climatic conditions once autumn comes. Ideal for a chic night out or a city break when you have nothing left to wear, long dresses have become a must-have piece since her first fashion ranges with bohemian looks in the 1970s. trend, okay. Doing so is a whole other ballgame. Long dresses can bring out the best and the worst in all our dress looks. To follow the trend, a little tour on Instagram can help, for the rest, we gathered two, three tips so as not to trip over the lengths of her dress. First step: select the appropriate length. No rule is carved in stone, of course, in terms of practicality, a midi dress will suit the smallest of fashionistas better, the lengths of the dresses can either look great on you or flatter you if the fabrics are too tight or bulky. . For the rest, you just have to have fun and combine well! Prefer sneakers or sandals with heels to make your outfit a little more casual. Don’t forget to layer the trends… and the layers. With a long shirt-style dress, opt for a second shirt or an XXL vest for a layering that will keep you warm all fall. And to finish ? Color, prints, black or white, have fun with your favorite color palette to choose the long dress that will capsize your fashionista heart.

5 long dresses to try to follow the trend

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Is the long dress the dress to wear in all seasons?

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