Interview with Danny Ocean: what it was like working with Tini & María Becerra and their first show in Argentina

After their successful debut album, Danny Ocean launched its successor “@dannocean” and will present it with two shows at the Vorterix Theater next June. In this context Filo News spoke with him to learn a little more about what happened and what is to come.

“I feel incredibly well: there are shows, the music is connecting, I am serene, at peace“. This is how the Venezuelan artist defined his present, in which he breaks it on TikTok and will go on tour in Argentina, Chile, the United States, Mexico and Germany.

His bond with our country is strong: he has worked with several local artists and usually comes every year, but this is the first time he will give his own show: “I come with my full band and I have the hype to kill it. I’m happy because I always come here and having the chance to come and sing makes me very happy. I am intrigued”.

“You don’t know me” It is one of the tracks that he made together with an Argentine: “With Tini we knew each other a long time ago, she had invited me to her Luna Park in 2019 to sing ‘Me Rehúso’. We wanted to do something together “. The connection was remote due to the pandemic, he sent her a part of it and she sent hers.” It flowed “and this was the result.

However, the song Danny liked to work on the most was “It’s not you, it’s me” together with Maria Becerra: “I really liked that song honestly. We did it in Big One’s studio, it was super personal. We hesitate. It was a long time from when we made the song to when we made the video and she told me that she wanted the song to be part of her album. I came here, we recorded the video and cool”.

Among other Argentinians who take Danny by storm are Tiago PZK, Thunder, Ca7riel and Dillom. From the latter he went to see him at his fourth and last show at the Vorterix: “It was incredible, a tremendous show. I recommend it. I respect what he does a lot, I like his music a lot, he seems like a great artist to me. I also went because I wanted to see the Vorterix, I had never been there and I wanted to know where I was going to play. How cool that it was with Dillom.”

The fts of his album also have the Dominican Tokischa, the Puerto Ricans Justin Quiles and Guaynaa, and the Argentinian Dread Mar I. But his favorite song is “ADO”who sings it alone.

Another song that he does alone and that he recounts against hit is “Off the market”, who is full particularly on TIkTok: “I’m not much of a dancer, but we did the challenge with the creator. At the beginning, before the dance, there was a challenge where people put episodes of their lives that have been happy. And I loved that challenge too. They are simply pieces of video that people record on a daily basis and I feel that it goes very well with the song. I love them both.”

Before saying goodbye, he explains the reason for the title of his new album: “I gave it the name of my social networks because people criticized me and told me ‘How can it be that your song has a billion views and you have 200k followers On Instagram?’ This is so you guys know this has nothing to do with it.”

“As they criticized me a lot, it was that I called this album like that and also because it is the future, because I feel that the username is going to be the new ID in the future, and they are going to remember me”, he closes.

Danny Ocean presents “@dannocean” at the Vorterix Theater next June 7th and 8th. You can buy your tickets by clicking here.

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Interview with Danny Ocean: what it was like working with Tini & María Becerra and their first show in Argentina

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