Interview with Carlos Pina, singer of PANZER, prior to the concerts in Bilbao and Barcelona with BARÓN ROJO

Interview with Carlos Pina, singer of PANZERprior to the concerts in Bilbao and Barcelona with BARÓN ROJO

Hello Carlos, I hope you are very well. The main reason for the interview is the two concerts that PANZER are going to perform in Bilbao and Barcelona, ​​opening for BARÓN ROJO. Let’s start… The truth is that I lived through the best times of your band, the sad withdrawal and now I hope to enjoy the return. How is the moment that Carlos Pina lives today after so many years, looking at the most immediate present and future?

Carlos Pina.- Thank you very much. These are interesting moments for our age. It’s like saying: The adventure continues. It’s hard to rub shoulders with such good younger artists. And reach the public. But we still have the hope of doing what we like.

Your band now performs in two major cities, Bilbao and Barcelona. How are the concerts going to be, what repertoire will you play? I imagine that for many fans it will be a great gift to see you again and sing all those glorious songs…

Carlos Pina.- That is what moves us. The illusions of people to have a good time. We have thought about playing the most representative songs.

Next to you. Plastic gallons. And the ones you mention now…

Of those songs, there are true hymns… The list is very long, but we are going to stick with three: “Perro Viejo”, “Toca Madera” and “Dios del Rock”. I would like you to tell as much as possible about those three historic hymns…

Carlos Pina.- Perro Viejo defines the environment of the main moments at the beginning of the group. The faithful reflection in part of the prototype of rock musician. At that time in the twentieth century. Hehehe The God of Rock is a tribute to Judas Priest and Dio. He is the one we pray to every day. Touch Wood is to break with the bad luck that things go wrong for you.

And, what is the formation that we will see in Bilbao and Barcelona?

Carlos Pina.- For a few years and after the death of Juan Leal. We are the same.

Rafa, Fernando, Puppy Lopez and me. The usual ones.


Years have passed, and sometimes the years take their toll, the bodies are no longer what they were before, and I am the first to include myself in the list of veterans, but the illusion is the same, and even more so. I imagine that for these two concerts it will be like this…

Carlos Pina.- We are aware of the time that ages us. And at the same time the illusions that still underlie. We are vampires who feed on those who give us breath to sing them a song. When they applaud they make us better people and give us the category of musicians and that is the greatest thing an apprentice can have.

You meet again with BARÓN ROJO, after so many past performances, experiences… Is there an indelible memory that you want to recall in this interview, with them?

Carlos Pina.- We have never played with BARÓN ROJO that I can remember. We haven’t had a chance to meet either. Except for something in the past. Some interview and little else. Respect always ahead.

And, what do you think in the present of BARÓN ROJO?

Carlos Pina.- I imagine it will happen to them like us, time has passed so quickly that we are becoming experienced specialists and with the bittersweet taste that something is over. And the music keeps us on our feet. I cannot judge a group that has been the one who has best represented an era. I wish you the best. As always I have wanted the groups of this country. It’s not easy to stand up when there’s such a storm.


Speaking of future. Is there a future for PANZER or are you only going to play in BARÓN in Bilbao and Barcelona?

Carlos Pina.- … We will do these two performances and if they hire us we will do more. It will be difficult given the overbooking of international performances. Almost better to take a vacation. And enjoy the Sun. Get a facelift and think that what is to come will be good. Optimism always.

Would there be chances of a tour as such, a new album?

Carlos Pina.- Time will tell. It would be good. Maybe it’s better that way. Do things until the body endures. But without going crazy. …hahaha

I think you are defending your band PINA. What are your plans in this regard?

Carlos Pina.- The plans are to continue recording and playing. As long as circumstances allow. Consolidate the group and play live. It is one more challenge in my life And that keeps you active. But I recognize that it is more complicated than in the eighties.


I’ll see you in Bilbao. Say goodbye to the interview yourself…

Carlos Pina.- Ok… see you there. Thanks for the interview and a big big greeting to all. Thank you for supporting us. Hugs. And I hope you sing the songs with the choir of the people; With you everything is better.

Rafa Base


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Interview with Carlos Pina, singer of PANZER, prior to the concerts in Bilbao and Barcelona with BARÓN ROJO

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