International Dance Day: from Tini to Doja Cat, the 7 most viral dances that generated a furor on TikTok

The music begins to play and, with just a couple of chords, expert ears (and not so much) already know what’s coming. In just seconds, those who managed to detect what song it is are almost automatically ready to perform the often-repeated dance steps. Regardless of the place or the occasion, the rhythm works as a stimulus that is impossible to ignore: when one of these songs starts, those who know the choreography do it. This phenomenon is, nothing more and nothing less, the result of tiktok trends and its inseparable link with the current music industry.

Social networks are, today, an essential part of people’s lives. They are used to create communities, communicate with others, offer products or services, promote political campaigns and also promote artistic work. Music and dance do not escape this social interweaving and, therefore, the success of a song is directly proportional to how easy its choreo is to imitate. Or, in other words, how adaptable it is to the tastes of demanding Internet users.

This trend – that of dance “trends” – was born on TikTok, one of the most used platforms today worldwide and whose registered account base is mainly made up of teenagers. Initially, It was the same users who devised the choreographies and who, by dint of being imitated by other people, managed to position certain songs on the podium of the most listened to rankings.. However, both large labels and independent artists saw in this practice a huge opportunity: to release songs with the steps included and thus promote the reproductions of their new releases.

This April 29, on the occasion of the International Dance Daywe share a compilation with the 7 most viral dances that generated furor in the social network.

March 22nd, Emilia Mernes announced on his Instagram account that his new song, “Cuatro Veinte” was already available. The perfect combination of a bouncy beat and shallow yet catchy lyrics were the key to making it one of those almost impossible-to-stop-singing songs. As a final thrust and in order to ensure her success, the singer went a step further and shared a video with the steps that her fans had to imitate.

Four Twenty by Emilia Mernes

A few days before the premiere The tutorial was already available on his TikTok account along with the hashtag “420 challenge” as an invitation for anyone interested to join the trend. The tactic was as simple as it was effective: the sound in the clock app already has more than 190,000 dance videos and the song managed to be on the list of the most listened to on Spotify, Billboard and YouTube.

“Bar”, the collaboration between Tini and L Gante, hit all music platforms on November 11, 2021, just in time to earn the title of “song of the summer”. To the surprise of very few and the joy of many, the premiere was accompanied by the so-called “Bar Challenge”, which he practiced in front of the mirror not only to the fans of both artists but to various celebrities.

Stoessel, who is considered a trendsetter, shared the step by step during a live on Instagram and, even, the dance made a special appearance during one of the recitals of his most recent tour.

Doja Cat has a long list of awards, including several Grammys, Billboards and Mtv Music Awards. In addition to his great talent both in the recording studio and on stage, his undeniable success is due to social networks.

“Say So” is perhaps one of the most popular Tik Tok songs. and, in turn, is responsible for placing the American singer on the map of current pop culture. The dance, which was created by the influencer Haley Sharpe (@Qyodelinghaley), was one of the first to jump from the platform to an official video clip, where Doja Cat decided to pay homage to the trend that made her famous.

Far from being an isolated case, the author of Planet Her He created several more songs that were worth millions of views on TikTok such as “Woman”, “Kiss me more” and “Need to Know”.

Despite being very active on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Duki took a long time to join TikTok. After a long period of waiting on the part of his fans, His long-awaited appearance occurred in a video in which he starred alongside Emilia Mernes, his girlfriend and avid user of the application of Chinese origin.. The dance they did together not only sparked a revolution on Twitter, but it was the driver of a sweeping trend.

The happy couple stood in front of the camera to record the choreo for “Top 5″ a few weeks after its premiere and thus created a trend that would make millions of people dance. It was so popular that not even Carlos Tevez could resist Y He surprised more than one when, in the middle of a beach vacation, he was encouraged to bring out his “forbidden steps”.

At the beginning of 2022, María Becerra made history by being the first Argentine artist to give a show in front of the crowded audience at the Grammys and, days later, to be awarded New Artist of the Year at the Latin American Music Awards held in Las Vegas. All this was possible thanks to social networks. The Quilmeña took her first steps on YouTube and, once officially introduced to the music industry, Instagram and TikTok became her greatest allies.

What else then? by Maria Becerra

In its short but devastating journey, there are not a few songs that have positioned themselves among the favorites of the audience and, behind this achievement, there are the reliable trends of TikTok. A clear example of this is the aforementioned show that he gave in the context of the Grammys. There he intoned “Qué más then?”, his collaboration with J Balvin, which was among the most used sounds on the platform for several weeks thanks to the provocative dance that became popular.

Not all the dances seen on TikTok were created by artists looking to promote their work. One of the features of the app that still causes amazement among many users is that, from time to time, a challenge manages to revive songs that have not been reproduced massively for years. An exemplary case was that of the B-52′s “Love Shack”.

The iconic band of the 1980s was in for a big surprise when one of their acclaimed songs once again topped the charts. playlist current. And it was all thanks to a ridiculous choreography that usually culminates in uncontrollable fits of laughter from the dancers. In this way, thousands of centennials and teenagers brought fashion to the outfit that had been shelved for several years in the chest of retro artists.

Jalaiah Harmon is 16 years old, but when she created one of the most popular dances in TikTok history, she was barely 14. The teenager from Atlanta, United States, is responsible for the famous choreo that follows the rhythm of “Lottery” by K CAMPbetter known as “Renegade” thanks to its chorus.

When he decided to share the original video, Jalaiah never imagined the cultural phenomenon it would spark. The dance was used in more than a billion publications, became the subject of debate on the most watched programs by the American audience, won a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and even Michelle Obama herself joined the trend. However, unlike the previous cases, the endless repetition of the song did not help the hiphop band, who did not create a tiktoker hit again.

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International Dance Day: from Tini to Doja Cat, the 7 most viral dances that generated a furor on TikTok

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