“Industry Baby”: another #1 single for the clever Lil Nas X

Wed, January 26, 2022

After “Old Town Road” and “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)“, Lil Nas X signs a new hit with “Industry Baby”. But unlike these two previous number 1, “Industry Baby” took its time, since it is a title released last July. This single from MONTEROdebut album by Lil Nas X, has already spent eight weeks since its release at the top of the chart of the most listened to rap singles overseas.–Atlantic, passing Kanye West and Drake. And so he just succeeded in taking first place this week in the all-genre rankingbecause it is increasingly played on American radios, and also because Lil Nas X released a long version with a new verse.

A response to the accusations

A new version that arrives a few weeks after the live of Lil Nas X at the MTV Video Music Awards which underlines a little more his sense of marketingalready noticeable with his famous clip of “Industry Baby” in which he is sentenced to prison for this story of counterfeit Nike sneakers at the time of the release of his single Montero last March. A clip where he mostly dances naked with other men that has had all that matters of conservatives screaming, within and outside rap listeners.

And then there is this title, “Industry Baby”which is not trivial either from this troll that is Lil Nas X. This is a reference to the expression “industry plant”which could be translated as “boosted by the record industry”. A derogatory term used by some listeners to discredit artists they consider to have come out of nowhere and been prefabricated by a big record company. What are accused Lil Nas X, openly homosexual black rapper, but also his guest on the song, Jack Harlow, a white rapper from the middle classes. More atypical profiles in American rap, which does not appeal to everyone. But their success with “Industry Baby” is symptomatic of the change in the public who listen to rap or in any case this type of rap which ostensibly draws towards pop.

Because deep down, “Industry Baby” is probably a hit because it’s a catchy song about adversity and the mentality of having the win and defying the odds of failure.. Especially with this music reminiscent of that of American university brass bands, much appreciated beyond–Atlantic – it reminds for example of a huge hit like “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Between swe sense virality and provocation And that motivational music, Lil Nas X found the hit formula again. How far from us: “Industry Baby” has been in the top 10 of the SNEP rankings since the end of August.

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“Industry Baby”: another #1 single for the clever Lil Nas X

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