Indestructible Freebox Revolution: 13 years old, and still attractive!

A riddle? I’m the daydream release year Inceptionthe one where we sing on Papoutai of Stromae, the one where we dance the Gangnam Style. Are you there? We are in 2010, and it is also the birth of the Freebox Revolution. Free then reinvents the triple-play box with for the first time an ultra-complete TV decoder with a NAS disk and a Blu-Ray player…. For the nostalgic, do not hesitate to re-read our article of the time !

The Freebox Revolution always up to date

We knew it in the ADSL version, but after a cure of youth essential, it now exists in a fiber version: 1 Gb/s at the entry levelit’s better than most of its competitors, which tend to top out at 500 Mb/s. For the home connection, the modem-router communicates in WiFi 5 : the assurance of high speed and good dispersion in the house, to connect the whole family.

Regarding the TV offer, Free once again took the lead with a record package of 230 channels included in the package, including the 60 channels of the TV by Canal. And not to miss the last episode of Orderswith Florence Foresti, Free offers a one-year subscription to Canal+ Series. The icing on the cake: 6 months of discovery offer at Amazon Prime Video to devour the new HBO series The Last of Us for example.

Owhere you want” and “Qwhenever you want” + both “e” from Free: WEQO. This is the origin of the name the control interface developed in-house by Free. To best navigate between the different channels, applications and streaming platforms, Free has developed the app OQEE-TV :

  • Functions of live control (start&stop, replay…)
  • Access to the programming of recordingson the hard disk of 250 GB
  • Access to multi-screeneven offline
  • Reader Management Blu-Ray integrated

The subscription price for the Freebox Revolution remains under the 20 euro mark… but only the first year for new customers.

No evolution either on the telephony offer: unlimited in France, mobiles includedunlimited also to landlines from more than 110 countries.

Obsolescence soon scheduled?

Without a doubt, the mythical Freebox Revolution still has a bright future ahead of it, but unless there is a new facelift, a change of decoder, or a price review, a few details that are not very important today could become problematic. :

  • the Free Player is a decoder that only supports not 4K. It is not also not Android compatible. If you already have a smart tv at home, it would be a shame to deprive you of exceptional image and sound quality, and it will be better to opt for a subscription to Freebox Pop or at the Freebox Delta.
  • The Player decoder cannot connect to Wi-Fi with the Box, and it’s very unfortunate even if Free delivers CPL Freeplugs adapters to avoid unsightly cables in the middle of the living room.
  • €44.99/month the 2nd year : it’s a bit expensive, isn’t it? At this price, it is better to migrate to a higher subscription, or change operator during a promotion. Or reduce the bill by coupling your mobile plan to that of the Box: 5€ monthly discount on the Free 5G package for example, or the free 2-hour mini-package.

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Indestructible Freebox Revolution: 13 years old, and still attractive!

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