In the Blink of an Eye: the incredible space film on Hollywood’s blacklist has found its director

After hanging around on the blacklist since 2017, In the Blink of an Eye finally found its director… within the Pixar team.

Making a film has never been easy. Many projects have not seen the light of day and the list grows daily. In the United States, there is a blacklist in which we list all the scenarios with a certain potential that have not yet been produced in Hollywood. And every year since 2005, a survey which brings together the best screenplays is launched in order to highlight certain titles which deserve to come out of the shadows.

Among them, In the Blink of an Eye, Colby Day’s original screenplay managed to stand out. Present in the blacklist since 2017, its development is engaged and we can only hope that it will come out one day. Indeed, while the position of director has always been vacant until now, a filmmaker best known for his work at Pixar took the reins of the epic sci-fi drama based on The Hollywood Reporter… and this is Andrew Stanton.

Andrew Stanton and his team to conquer space… again

If you have trouble with first names, maybe the gentleman’s hunting chart will refresh your memory. The director is known for having been at the helm of Oscar-winning animated films Wall-E and The world of Nemo. Recently, we have mainly seen him at work in the production of episodes for the series Legionthe incredible For All Mankind, Stranger Things, Better Call Saul or Tales from the Loop… just that. We were therefore able to see that he knows science fiction. To see him therefore engaged in this enterprise is therefore understandable, even logical… and reassuring?

After the failure that was his first live film John Carter in 2012, Andrew Stanton will therefore leave animation aside for a new attempt far from Disney or Pixar. This time, he will compose for Searchlight (okay, it’s still a bit Disney), which has clearly displayed its ambitions by wanting to bring the work to the screen.

For All Mankind : Foto Robert Bailey Jr.When you remember Stanton’s last live-action was John Carter

The exact pitch of the feature film is not yet fully known, but during its long wait in the blacklist, many have explained that the scenario is close to great classics. Indeed, these are no less than the sweet names of 2001: a space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick Interstellar by Christopher Nolan or even Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson who came out to describe the future feature film. Moreover, it would seem that the narrative scope of the film is reminiscent of a certain… CloudAtlas.

Indeed, the story would intersect three segments that will come together in which questions about the nature of life, love or even hope will be addressed. Suffice to say that we are boiling hot. Produced by Jared Ian Goldman to whom we owe the series Russian doll and Colby Day – who recently wrote the screenplay for the next space man by Johan Renck (Chernobyl) which will feature Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan – who is determined not to let go of his baby. To be continued…

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In the Blink of an Eye: the incredible space film on Hollywood’s blacklist has found its director

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