In Rives d’Andaine, Olivia Sita is preparing a new collection of poems

Olivia decided to devote herself to her great passion: writing. ©The Free Publisher

Native to the Paris region, Olivia Sita, 33 years old, is a writer at heart.

With her literary baccalaureate, English option in hand, she studied LEA (applied foreign languages), then LLCE (foreign languages, literatures and civilizations). after a year”.

Olivia then moved towards “the human, the service to the person”, and in 2015 passed a DEAS (State diploma in nursing), which will lead her to work in a hospital environment, in an EHPAD (Establishment of accommodation for dependent elderly people). “I notably worked in a day care center with Alzheimer’s patients”.

New start

The year 2022 will be synonymous for her with a new beginning. “After a family drama, I wanted to leave the Paris region, to get away from certain memories. With my sister and my 6-year-old son, we arrived in La Chapelle-d’Andaine last May, where I worked for two months at EHPAD L’Orée des Bois“.

But this change of life, of environment, will arouse in her the desire to stop everything to devote herself entirely to what has always animated her: writing, and particularly poetry.

When I was 8, I was already writing poems about nature, love. But also the family, because it was during this period that my parents divorced

Olivier Sita

At 19, Olivia released her first novel about the story of a princess: Transcendences (Praelego editions).

“I love words”

More recently, she entered a poetry contest in 2018. “I was tired of silencing what I love to do.”

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On a daily basis, by taking notes in a notebook or on her laptop, Olivia creates verses. “When I was on the bus, in the metro in Paris, I was a bit in my bubble. Inspiration came to me by looking at the people around me, raising my head to the sky”.

His favorite themes remain love, nature, but also social relations, his life. “I love words, the beauty of the French language. It is the love of words that gives me the strength to write. I like images, metaphors, sounds, melodies. Today, I enjoy writing at home with the window open, listening to the birds”.

After the publication of some of her texts in various anthologies over time, it is in June 2021 that Olivia releases a first collection of poetry. The odyssey cradled by the sound of my pen » published by Maia. “I released it as Sitlub, which is the fusion between my parents’ two names. It revolves around six different themes: the discovery of nature, the notion of feeling, socialization, the idea of ​​memories, spirituality and inspiration. Some poems follow on from the previous one.

This collection of 156 pages is on sale for €18 on the website “Now, I am preparing a second collection which should be released in 2023. I would also like to find training as a public writer, I would really like that,” concludes Olivia.

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In Rives d’Andaine, Olivia Sita is preparing a new collection of poems

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