“In Puebla there is no time for concerts”: Omar Fernández goes with everything against Chivas

This Thursday we woke up with the news that some players from Guadalajara, specifically Santiago Ormeño, Alan Mozo and Antonio Briseñor, they were captured at Christian Nodal’s concert at the Palenque de la Perla Tapatia’s October Festivities, and although it cannot be seen that they were drinking an alcoholic beverage or having a inappropriate behavior, The controversy exploded on social networks.

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And it is that in Chivas they are accustomed to indiscipline, so the images made explode own and others since it will be on Sunday when the rojiblancos play supermanence in the tournament; in the Cuauhtémoc in front of Puebla.

In this regard, in an interview with Fox Sports, Omar Fernández, a soccer player from Puebla, was very critical and assured that in the sweet potato group, at this time, there is no time for concerts or any other distraction.

“No, here the team is very committed, we know that it was a shorter tournament than normal. We talked about it at the time among peers, in soccer there is time for everything and this is not the time to go out to concerts, friends etc, but not now, not in this tournament”; he responded to her questioning.

In the same way, Fernández stressed that at this moment the Larcamón team is concentrated for the match on Sunday and reiterated that once the season is over they will have time to do many things with your friends and family.

“We talk about it and in the group there is no time for that, when we have vacations the time will come to relax with family and friends, but right now there is no time for that,” he stressed.

Puebla hopes to overcome the phase of Repechage against Guadalajaraafter the last time they met in that instance it was the rojiblancos who obtained their pass to the next round on penalties.

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After what happened and after he made sure that he too He was at the Nodal concertAlvarado came out to speak at a press conferencein which he assured that despite the criticism, the group is calm.

“There will always be criticism, we are human beyond players. I did not know about the subject of the photos, they are not doing anything wrong, I do not see anything wrong with it. The commitment we have as a team is known, everyone is very committedthose are good signs the group is very united,” he said.

About his presence in the palenque, Alvarado was clear and He even joked with the press, he was at home.

“It’s not me, if I want to say it, they said i was there, But I am not. I was in my house,” she said.

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“In Puebla there is no time for concerts”: Omar Fernández goes with everything against Chivas

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