Imagine Dragons Release New ‘Secret’ Song Under Another Stage Name

These last few days have left us with multiple musical releases, which have been talked about at length. However, there is one that has gone unnoticed, although that was the intention of those responsible for it. And it is that they have used a technique that we had previously experienced at the hands of artists such as Coldplay, Ariana Grande or David Guetta.

It is about the publication of songs on the main platforms under pseudonyms, instead of their usual stage names, so that it is much more difficult to find them in them. And of course, without prior notice of such releases. This time it was the turn of the components of Imagine Dragonswho have released a song titled… Imagine Dragons.

And how can that be possible? Because the song is not credited with the Imagine Dragons group, but a different one that bears the name of Ragged Insomnia. If you are a fan of the Las Vegas quartet, this last denomination probably sounds familiar to you, because it is the original name that Americans gave themselves in their musical beginnings, back in 2008. And from there they found what would be the definitive one, using the technique of anagram.

‘Imagine Dragons’ and ‘Ragged Insomnia’ have exactly the same lyrics, but in a different order, and despite this alteration, both expressions make sense. The group changed its name to give it a more commercial touch, although they have continued to wink at it in some of their pieces. What they hadn’t done yet was release songs under that other pseudonym…until now.

What is #MercuryAscending?

The clue about the existence of this song was given by the group itself through its social networks. It only took one word for everyone to know what they were up to: “anagram”. With that reference, his fans already knew that they had to search for ‘Ragged Insomnia’ to find the subject published under that name and entitled Imagine Dragons. Of course, what they did not imagine at that time was everything that was behind her.

The tweet with the word ‘anagram’ accompanied the hashtag #MercuryAscendingwhich at the time was thought to refer to the album that the band will release in a matter of days: Mercury – Act 1. There were even those who claimed that the song could have charitable purposes, as happened with the case of Coldplay and their EP released under the pseudonym Los Unidades in 2018. But none of that, because the collaboration of the fans through Discord has been decisive to learn the true intentions of Ragged Insomnia.

It’s all part of a kind of gymkana in which almost all platforms and social networks are involved. Of course, they have not made it easy at all. To reach the end of the game they had to put the song backwards, notice that the end of its reversed letter corresponds to another letter that refers to “an anagram”, search for it on YouTube, find some coordinates, then go to TikTok , find a reference to a Twitter account, and from it to Discord where Dan Reynolds himself joined the search, leader of Imagine Dragons. Almost nothing!

For now we will have to wait to find out what exactly is hidden behind #MercuryAscending, because the group has assured after the conclusion of this series of tests that “the final track will arrive in a few days”. Will it be some kind of unreleased reveal about the new Imagine Dragons album?

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Imagine Dragons Release New ‘Secret’ Song Under Another Stage Name

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