Imagine Dragons makes the Bell Center dance

Imagine Dragons delivered a festive show Tuesday night at the Bell Center, after breaking the house in Quebec City last week.

A party in support of his fifth album Mercury-Act 1launched on September 3, 2021, which stretched for a good twenty songs on which it was good to hum and beat the beat by clapping your hands.

Confetti and smoke

The band’s charismatic vocalist, Dan Reynolds, first emerged from the ground alone, to the roars of the crowd, on the stage’s most forward circular stretch, singing soberly My Life, in piano-voice format. The rest of the group was then unveiled at the chorus, under the first explosions of the confetti cannons – there were several.

Quickly chaining successes, the pop-rock group from Las Vegas was good and dancing. The shape of the stage, a large rectangle with a long catwalk, however, mainly put the singer in the foreground. The latter performed mainly on the circular platform and the catwalk in the middle of the ice, away from the group. However, he was generous with the people on the floor, taking the time to shake hands with all the admirers around the stage during the evening.

The rest of the quartet remained, most of the time, at the back of the room at the foot of a huge screen that ran the full width of the stage. The synergy of the group was therefore more or less palpable. Guitarists Wayne Sermon and Ben McKee stepped forward on occasion, but without creating any notable bonding moments with Reynolds.

Successes Believer, It’s Time, Thunder, Natural, I Bet My Life, Whatever It Takes, Three Little Birds and radioactive undoubtedly saved the day. The conquered spectators who, according to the health rules in force, all had to have a drink in hand, loudly made themselves heard on these titles, releasing their Sunday voices, and the flashlight of their telephone for the first notes of Shots.

About halfway through the show, the singer, who showed impressive vocal prowess, stepped back close to his band to play a few songs, among other things. birds, Follow you and lonely. This portion of the show and the acoustic segment were the best, especially because the band was playing together. These moments allowed us to breathe new life and rest our legs before the grand finale.

The scenography was successful. The light effects were dazzling and really energized the concert. Smoke columns and confetti cannons were used often. The projections on the huge giant screen between the acts were beautiful, captivating and well done, while those during the songs made it possible to better see the members of the group while adding an interesting visual touch.

A Torontonian in the first part

It was the young Toronto singer AVIV who warmed up the room. She presented the songs from her debut EP, Drowning In The Culture and a few tracks released earlier, including Girls in Red and a recovery of 505 of the group Arctic Monkeys. Accompanying herself on the guitar and the piano, the pop singer knew how to use all the stage space at her disposal.

Imagine Dragons are back in extra at the Bell Center on May 4 – and there are a few tickets left. The group will then fly to Europe from June.

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Imagine Dragons makes the Bell Center dance

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