I’m A Celeb’s Adele Roberts Reveals Her Skin Is ‘Ravaged’ From Cancer Treatment


Adele Roberts has opened up about her skin being “ravaged” by cancer treatment, saying it looked as if it had been burned.

I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! The star, who announced in October that she had been diagnosed with bowel cancer, spoke out in an emotional message on Instagram, saying chemotherapy left her with “holes” all over her face.

She explained that she previously felt too embarrassed to post photos, but decided it was good to share them to let others know they weren’t alone.

Sharing some pictures of her face, Big Brother star Adele told fans that she had struggled with her skin for most of her life and had always felt “embarrassed” about it.

“I think I’ve carried that shame with me for too long,” he said.

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“Everything I’m going through right now has taught me that it’s good to share. I’m not the only one”.

Adele continued: “I am very lucky to be in this treatment, but it has devastated my skin so much. I have shared what he has done to my hands and feet, but I was too embarrassed to show my face.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I’ve realized that it’s good to share as much as I can. What if someone else is also suffering and you think you are alone? You are not.”

The star said she realized it’s good to share what’s going on (Image: adeleroberts/Instagram)

The star, 43, said her partner Kate had been helping her cover her scars with makeup.

“This is the first step to my release I guess,” he wrote.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing it, but I hope it helps at least one person.

“The first round of my chemotherapy was a bit strong and it ended up feeling like I had been burned. He had holes all over his face.”

Someday I’ll show you, but I think what I’m sharing today is a big enough step for me.

“I don’t want to feel ashamed anymore. I’m alive and I’m lucky to be in this treatment.”

“My skin is also healing and it looks MUCH BETTER than it did in the beginning,” she added.

Adele said she has always had problems with her skin (Image: Getty Images)

Adele also told how when she was on I’m A Celebrity… Get me out of here! in 2019 she used to get up early and go into the medicine booth so she could cover up her acne scars.

“This was totally in the rules, by the way,” he said.

“I was allowed to put makeup on my acne, but I was too embarrassed to let my fellow campers see me without makeup.

“It even made showering and some of the chores more difficult. I used to freak out if my face got wet. I feel stupid now, but I just want you to know how stupid I’ve been.”

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I’m A Celeb’s Adele Roberts Reveals Her Skin Is ‘Ravaged’ From Cancer Treatment

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