Il Divo seeks to provoke a catharsis in the Puerto Rican public through his music

After the tragic loss of Carlos Marinthe other members of Il Divo – the North American David Millerthe French Sebastian Izambard and the Swedish Urs Buhler – continue their world tour paying tribute to their great friend and brother.

The tour is entitled “Greatest Hits Tour” and includes as a special guest the Mexican-American baritone Steven LaBrie. In Puerto Rico, the concert will go on stage tomorrow, Thursday, May 19 at the Coca-Cola Music Hall.

“Carlos was great beyond his lifetime as an artist, with a rare combination of an incredible beautiful voice and immense talent. His passion and his sense of humor made it magical and his laugh always cheered anyone up. He was loved by millions of fans around the world and we were lucky and honored to have worked with him for many years. We deeply miss his joy, friendship and brilliant voice. In his honor, we will be paying tribute and continuing his legacy. May the whole world remember him for his beautiful soul, his incredible talent, and may he rest in peace forever,” Miller, Izambard and Buhle said in written statements.

Il Divo’s voices will be accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico. David, Sebastien, Urs and Steven will arrive in Puerto Rico today to rehearse with these virtuoso musicians a repertoire of the best-known songs of their career.

“We are very excited to return to Puerto Rico. We have beautiful memories of our past concerts on the island. And with everything that has happened (the pandemic, the loss of Carlos) we only hope that the Puerto Rican audience has a catharsis with us through music,” said David Miller.

The concert is dedicated entirely to Carlos Marín, who was a founding member of Il Divo and died last December due to complications from COVID-19.

“Carlos will always be with us and through the songs we remember him. For example, ‘I’ll Always Love You’ and ‘I’ll Be There’, among others. We remember the first day we rehearsed for this tour. We were all crying and heartbroken. But we have decided to continue to push through the pain night after night in front of the audience, but also with the audience. It has been a long process and it still is (…)”, members commented.

Il Divo will also perform great hits contained in his most recent album such as: “Hola” (Spanish version of Adele’s song Hello), “Love Me Tender” (Elvis Presley), “Unforgettable” (Nat King Cole), “Smile ” (Charlie Chaplin), “Toi Et Moi” (The Way We Were, Frank Sinatra), “Gracie Amore Moi” (Where Do I Begin – Love Story, Andy Williams), “All of Me” (John Legend), “ Return to Me” (Spanish version of “Unbreak My Heart”), among many others.

“Steven will be joining us at this concert. His voice is strong and complements ours. It has been a shoulder to cry on when we could hardly sing the songs because crying did not allow it”, they continue to say. “And for all our fans in Puerto Rico, we are going to celebrate Carlos’ life together. It will be a very special night, full of many emotions”.

Tickets are on sale through ticket counter. The concert is a production by José Dueño.

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Il Divo seeks to provoke a catharsis in the Puerto Rican public through his music

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