“I am very grateful to life”

Juanjo Santamaria

Rulo- Singer

The Cantabrian closes today in Madrid, before nearly 10,000 spectators who will meet at the WiZink Center, the tour that has covered his 25 years in music

Jose Maria Gutierrez

«With what is falling today, in these bad times for poetry and for so many things, getting almost 10,000 people into a concert is something incredible that fills me with joy… and responsibility». Just a few hours away from this very special event that he will star in today in Madrid, at the WiZink Center, Rulo has nothing but words of gratitude for the “impressive” response from the public on what is the last date of the ‘Noches de Fuga’ tour and Contrabando’ with which the Cantabrian artist is celebrating his 25 years in music since last April, thirteen as a composer and singer of La Fuga and twelve as leader of La Contrabanda. He talks trying to “get away from the suggestion” of playing in “a temple of live music” with tickets about to sell out: “The WiZink is like the Campa de La Magdalena; when you start in this you dream of playing once on stages like this. And this Saturday will be the fourth, for which I am very grateful to life. And on top of that with more people than ever in Madrid. The truth is that throughout my career the public has always shown me stability and reliability.

And as if there were few ingredients, the concert marks the end of a tour in which the reinosano has once again interpreted songs “that he had not sung for a long time” and that “have really upset my guts.” “I don’t live in love with the past, I’m not much of looking back, but this tour has forced me to do it and I’m very happy to have decided so,” says Rulo before addressing for the last time a repertoire that dedicates the same space to each one of its two stages and which he has summarized in ‘Detro de una canción’, a new song that has already become an anthem for his followers: «25 years of songs, of fights with the refrains, and although I sometimes derailed, I can tell you that we succeeded ».

“I’m not much of looking back, but this tour has forced me to do it and I’m very happy that I decided so”

It advances that La Contrabanda arrives at the appointment – ​​the number 25 of the tour, one for each year of the career, although “it has not been anything sought, it has coincided like this” – in top form, “with muscle”, and ready to celebrate “ in style” this “birthday party”. Birthday and farewell because the singer, guitarist and composer will be away from the stage this year. A “broad” point and aside to disconnect and to address the composition and recording of the songs that will shape his fifth studio album of his current project. «It is necessary to stop, for you and for the public. If every year you do 50 concerts, everything becomes routine », he shares.

He confesses that he already has five songs that he likes “a lot” for this new job, and that the dates will be defined by inspiration: “The songs will mark the times.” Until he has ten that convince him, he won’t get into the studio. “Fortunately, I have the freedom to decide it myself,” she values. And reaching that ten is not an easy task. «My line is to try that each album is different from the previous one. That’s why I always change producers, for example. And after about fifteen records and a hundred-odd songs, I feel that it’s more and more difficult to create something that I think is innovative, there’s already a lot of ground covered; but, on the other hand, I have the experience that seniority brings ».

«I don't want to make the same album always; I prefer to face it as a'what will happen'»


Today Rulo will become, once again, one of the cultural ambassadors of Cantabria in the capital of Spain. An appointment that the Government has taken advantage of to unite the image of the region to that of the musician from Reino to promote the Jubilee Year during a campaign that is being carried out this week with the placement of nearly a hundred mupis and digital screens in the center of Madrid and streets near the WiZink Center, as well as on the big screen in the Plaza de Callao and on a bus that today will remain parked in front of the concert site. In addition, fifty Cantabrians are invited through the raffle carried out by the Ministry of Tourism on the Cantabria Infinita Instagram account. «I have always carried the Cantabrian flag in my head and heart wherever I go and it is an honor to be a bit of an ‘ambassador’. He could not feel more loved at the public level and also at the institutional level, so if they call me for any act that includes the word Cantabria, I am always there », he thanks.

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“I am very grateful to life”

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