Hulu: the content not to be missed on the American platform

Across the Atlantic, Hulu is one of the most popular video streaming services! For good reason, like its competitors HBO Max, CBS All Access, Disney+, ESPN+ or even Paramount+, it offers original content, produced by major productions but also drawn from the most watched TV channels.

Created in 2008 and yet under the rump of Fox, the somewhat neglected platform has struggled to develop.

Then, in 2018, came the series The Handmaiden Scarlet (The Handmade’s Tale), which won eight Emmy Awards as well as a Golden Globe nomination. Its success has been such that it has allowed the platform to become better known in the United States but also throughout the world.

Shortly after, Disney finally bought the studios from 21st Century Fox and therefore part of Hulu’s shares. Its goal ? Provide parallel access to films and series that are not well suited to its young Disney+ audience.

If the story is great, there is still one thing we regret about Hulu and that is that it is still not available outside the United States. Indeed, to be able to access it in France, we have no choice but to use a VPN.

But, before explaining how to proceed, first discover the rates applied.

How much does a Hulu subscription cost?

As with all other streaming services, to take advantage of Hulu’s catalog you must go through a subscription. The platform offers three formulas, which are also cheaper than some of its competitors:

  • Standard : with ads, at $6.99/month
  • Premium : without ads, at $11.99/month, with a 30-day trial period
  • Student : at $1.99/month (conditions: be 18 or older, be enrolled in university)

Also, for $13.99/month, Hulu offers a pack integrating ESPN+ and Disney+ services, all without advertising.

How do I subscribe to Hulu?

Hulu is only available in the United States. In addition to this geographical constraint, Hulu prevents access to its content by blocking foreign credit cards, particularly French ones.

In this case, if you are not already subscribed to Hulu, or if you do not know anyone (based in America and subscribed) who can share their access codes with you, then creating your personal account will prove impossible… or almost.

Why almost? Because there is still a solution to circumvent the problem. It consists of getting a Hulu gift card ($25 or $50) directly from the Walmart site.

Thanks to this process, you should be able to do without a US payment method. All you have to do is use the code received on your e-mail to log in.

Access Hulu with a VPN

To access Hulu in France and take advantage of its catalog, you can subscribe to a VPN (virtual private network). This service allows you to change your geographical location to visit websites, as if you were anywhere in the world, and in complete confidentiality.

We recommend NordVPN for its enhanced security, ExpressVPN for its speed and even Surfshark for its low price.

To learn more about these services and find the one that suits you best, then do not hesitate to help yourself with our selection of the best VPNs, some are even free.

Alternatives to Hulu available in France:

If you can’t connect to Hulu, there are alternatives that sometimes share identical content:

The 10 best Hulu series


The Handmaid’s Tale: The Scarlet Handmaiden

The Handmaid’s Tale is an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel.

A group of fundamentalists established a theocratic dictatorship based on the Old Testament: The Republic of Gilead. In this totalitarian society, women are treated as state property, and have to face pollution that is guilty of making them sterile.

To fight against an almost zero birth rate, they were separated into three castes: the Wives, in charge, the Marthas, women of all trades and finally the Scarlet Servants, fertile, only dedicated to reproduction.

As is the case of June Osborne, servant at the Waterforts, and assigned to give them a child…

1653397065 267 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

How I Met Your Mother, a successful 9-season series, gives way to How I Met Your Father, which traces the analogous story of Sophie and her meeting with the father of her children.

Played by Hilary Duff and narrated by Kim Cattrall, Sophie is a young woman surrounded by a beautiful band of close-knit friends, who discover each other, have fun and try to find true love in the age of dating apps.

1653397065 296 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Aidy Bryant (Saturday Night Live) stars as Annie, an obese young woman who wants to change her life, but not her body.

She tries to launch her career, despite a complicated daily life, punctuated by bad encounters, a sick parent and a perfectionist boss.

1653397065 205 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Dopesick examines how a pharmaceutical company sparked the worst drug epidemic in American history.

In the epicenter of this fight against opioid addiction, a David versus Goliath battle will be waged to overcome the corporate forces behind this national crisis.

1653397066 15 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Catherine II travels to Russia to marry the Emperor, Peter. Once she becomes empress, she quickly realizes that he is not who she thought.

Desperate in the face of this situation, and supported by her servant and friend, the latter offers her a solution that could change her life… even if it means plotting to kill her depraved and dangerous husband.

1653397066 238 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Alex, newly single, finds himself living under the same roof as his recently divorced sister and mother of a young teenager. Together, they help each other in the world of dating, while raising Laura.

Each of them confronts casual relationships, for different reasons depending on their personal situations. But, in difficulty, the best relationship they have is ultimately theirs…

1653397066 774 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Lily Chan, ua young software engineer, investigation into the secret division of the high-tech company that employs him, at the same time his little one dies… Could there be a link between the two cases?


Only Murders in the Building

1653397067 899 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Only Murders in the Building follows three strangers who share an obsession with true crimes and suddenly find themselves embroiled in one.

At the gruesome discovery in their Upper West Side apartment building, the trio suspect a murder and gather their acquaintances to conduct their investigation, during which complex secrets will be uncovered…

1653397067 316 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

PEN15 depicts the adolescence of the 2000s, in particular those of Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, two young thirteen-year-old girls in full evolution.

Together, they experience situations specific to this important period of life for self-discovery.

1653397067 393 Hulu the content not to be missed on the American

Candy Montgomery is a housewife and mother of the 1980s, with an ordered life, and whose daily life is not to be pitied. However, faced with the social pressure that demands a certain conformity begins to weigh gently on her shoulders… Until the day when Candy falters and violently kills her neighbor Betty Gore.

This mini-series is inspired by the true story of Candy Montgomery.

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Hulu: the content not to be missed on the American platform

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