How was Camilo’s great performance in Madrid

Camilo shone on Sunday in the center of Madrid with a massive concert that brought together thousands of people, at the Puerta de Alcalá. The public enjoyed the surprise appearances of Evaluna and Pablo Alborán.

As a prelude to Hispanic Heritage Day, The artist shone with his Latin rhythms such as reggaeton, bachata, cumbia and even the Mexican corrido. Parents with his children enjoyed several of his hits like “If you tell me yes”, “tutus”“Airport” or “Expensive clothes”.

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Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry, at the center of criticism for their wardrobe at the MTV Video Music Awards. (Photo: Instagram/@evaluna)

Evaluna and Pablo Alborán, luxury guests

Joy took over the place when the Colombian presented the Venezuelan singer Evaluna on stage, who is also his partner, with whom he performed their joint song “For the first time” to the shouts of the public.

Also, Camilo surprised everyone again by inviting the Spanish to the stage Pablo Alboran to sing “The same air. Pure emotion.

“We are in a world where we are told that we have to look like someone to be valuable; we spend our lives trying to be a person that we are not and that we will probably never be, instead of enjoying who we are, ”said the artist, according to what the agency published. EFE.

Thousands of people who stayed at the gates of a crowded Plaza de Cibeles. Camilo’s performance was part of the Hispanidad 2022 program, organized by the Community of Madrid.

Camilo premiered his new album “De Adentro Pa Afuera”, the most personal work of his career

Camilo presented last month From the inside to the outside, his third album. The production has important guest figures such as Alejandro Sanz, Camila HairEvaluna Montaner, Grupo Firme, Myke Towers, and Nicki Nicole.

The artist defined it as the most personal in his catalogue, which captured a moment of feelings that awoke inside him with the arrival of his daughter Indigo.” It is a blogof valuable things that are inside me and go out to share it”, described the Colombian artist.

Camilo shone with his show in Madrid with a nod to the Latin community

“I would like the listeners to take away doors from this album. to new rooms of people who are already their sensitivity. There are times when we are not sure we are capable of certain emotions and we just need a key that opens the door to that new feeling. Sometimes those keys are songs and I like to think that mine can accompany La Tribu to those new places,” Camilo said.

Camilo and Alejandro Sanz meet for the first time in “NASA”.

Under the production of Camilo and Édgar Barrera, this album includes eleven songs composed by both together with other great composers and producers, plus stellar collaborations with international artists deeply admired by the artist. “Indigo”, “Nightmare”, “Pegao”, “NASA”, “Nature” and the most recent “Alaska”, which has more than 633 thousand videos on TikTok and twenty million combined reproductions to date, are some of the tracks that includes from inside to outsidea.

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How was Camilo’s great performance in Madrid

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