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(CNN Spanish) – Bad Bunny recently announced his second tour of the year “World’s Hottest Tour” and his followers in the United States and Latin America have marked the dates on their calendars to be able to obtain one of their quoted tickets.

How much do the tickets cost? It will depend on each location or locality and we will have to wait for the pre-sale in each country, but to give you an idea in Miami, Florida, tickets to see Bad Bunny range from US$125 per ticket to US$2,915, plus Additional charges. In Colombia, a box for 10 people costs the equivalent of US$6,240 for the November concert in Medellin, about US$624 per person.

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But considering that Bad Bunny’s “The Last Tour of the World” tickets set a Ticketmaster sales record with 480,000 tickets sold in less than a week, according to Billboard, getting a ticket to his new tour might take more than money.

However, there are several tricks that can help you increase your chances of seeing Bad Bunny and any other artists that show up in the future.

The presale code is worth gold

A large majority of concerts and shows have exclusive pre-sale dates that require a special code, but on other occasions the pre-sale is part of a banking alliance, so they will only be available to your customers.

In the first case there are several things you can do to get the presale code. Be careful, there is no exact recipe to get the presale code, but here we tell you how you could find it:

Become a member of the official fan club. Follow the artist on all his social networks, activate the alerts and subscribe to the newsletter on his official website, since the code could reach you in an email or be in a publication. The same applies to the venue of the concert or festival. Check social media, turn on alerts and the concert location website, and sign up for their email service. Buy the album directly from the artist’s website. Sometimes, some artists offer benefits on the direct purchase of their products. Your last resort will be to search social networks using keywords, although there may be more than one false code.

Get ready for the big day

Bad Bunny offers surprising concert in Puerto Rico 3:09

Whether you’ve got a code for the pre-sale, if there is one, or it’s the day of the general public ticket sale, make sure you have the following ready:

Register on the sales platform: create an account and enter your personal data and your payment method. The day the tickets go on sale you will have minutes to complete your purchase, having everything ready is a way to save time, mistakes and unnecessary stress. Do not leave the location for the last moment. Check the map of the concert venue in advance so that the day the tickets go on sale you can select the area of ​​​​your preference before they sell out. If you don’t know the ticket prices, we recommend checking previous concerts by the same artist or similar artists at that venue. It’s not a guarantee, but it might help you get an idea of ​​the price. Finally, go online minutes before the sale starts and recognize in which systems refreshing the browser can be counterproductive, since sometimes doing this could send you to the back of the line. For example, the Ticketmaster app updates automatically.

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How to find tickets for big concerts like Bad Bunny’s? – KESQ

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