Hilary Duff makes a comeback in ‘How I Met Your Father’: ‘I watched the original series a lot’

‘How I Met Your Mother’ was a popular series. How is ‘How I Met Your Father’ different?

“I think we are flying on our own. ‘How I Met Your Father’ is not a sequel, but a separate series. I watched the original series a lot, and these actors were really a tight-knit group. But what we do has nothing to do, except the concept and Manhattan as a setting. We steal a few strong ideas from them and try to turn them into something original. And, here and there, there are also a few nods to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ that will please fans. »

The series is what is called a multicam sitcom, which means that it is shot ‘live’ on a single set with an audience. Does it require adaptation?

“Still, yes. None of the actors had done it before. Fortunately, we can rely on a very experienced team. And between the actors, the current is very quickly passed. I knew the scripts were good and funny, but chemistry doesn’t come on command. After shooting a few episodes, we watched them together and felt like we were really watching a group of friends. There, we knew that ‘How I Met Your Father’ could work. »

How would you describe your character, Sophie?

“She’s a fighter. She doesn’t give up. Sparkling and optimistic by nature, she does not give up quickly. I really like that. But it’s not easy for her either. Professionally, it’s not going well, she can’t get her career off the ground. She still has work to do on herself, to find out who she is. I’m also not sure that she really loves herself. Fortunately, she finds support from this little band of funny numbers she meets one evening. And together they go on all kinds of adventures, just like all young people do as they seek their place in the world. »

What does ‘How I Met Your Father’ say about dating in the modern world?

“I’m not, personally, in the situation of my character, but I find it all very recognizable anyway. That’s what I’m also looking for in a project. This series shows the obstacles and pitfalls one encounters when looking for love today. There are so many possibilities and, at the same time, it’s so hard to really meet someone. With these dating apps, we are literally ‘erasable’. This is why it is also important to find support from our friends. »

The series certainly shows how harrowing and surreal it can be to form romantic relationships. What do you hope it brings to viewers?

” Bravery. Knowing that they are not alone. You can go through tough things when you’re single. So it’s important to have friends to lean on. And to be able to comfort his friends himself, if necessary. Sophie did not arrive where she hoped to be in life. She’s not down. She sometimes loses the north quite simply. But she is surrounded by people who can stimulate her. I myself have many friends who are in this situation. »

How would you sum up the central theme of ‘How I Met Your Father’?

“In a word: friendship. It’s not just about Sophie. The more the series progresses, the more the other characters develop. We see friendships evolve and grow stronger. ‘How I Met Your Father’ is really a mix of emotions, a comedy series that has both feet on the ground, with a feel good side and every now and then an emotional moment too. But above all, we have a lot of fun with everything that young thirty-somethings are going through today. »

The older version of your character is played by Kim Cattrall himself, a living legend thanks to ‘Sex and the City’. What does she bring to the series?

” She is perfect. Funny, fun, elegant, warm, open, whatever you want. I could also picture Sophie becoming that kind of person. People tell me that we look alike, and I see somewhere what they mean. »

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Hilary Duff makes a comeback in ‘How I Met Your Father’: ‘I watched the original series a lot’

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