Health – Future nursing home: we are still giving ourselves a little time, in Cosne, as part of the new hospital project

What emerged from the meetings of the strategic committees and elected officials, last Thursday and Friday, concerning the project to build the new hospital in Cosne, will be the subject of a press conference this Wednesday, October 12. The leaders of the Territorial Hospital Group, the Regional Health Agency, the CH of Cosne and the mayor, who is also chairman of the Supervisory Board, will lead it.

Some feelings have already leaked. Like the questioning of the regional councilor Hicham Boujlilat, according to which the total bill for the new site would no longer be 27 M€ but 32 M€. By wondering where to find this surplus in the investment envelope of the Ségur de la santé.

“There are still one or two opportunities to study. »

Daniel Gillonnier (Mayor of Cosne and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Cosne Hospital Center)

Regarding the multi-professional health center project, which “everyone wants to see done on the historic site of the hospital”, Mayor Daniel Gillonnier, as leader of the working group, notes that “we give it some time.” Until December because “there are still one or two opportunities to study, the arrival of a partner and a change of vision or requirements of the Buildings of France”.

Contingencies of the flood risk plan, ban on demolition, of course, but “what happens to the central building if it is not a nursing home? If tomorrow we decide that the nursing home is not done there, we have to go through all the leads first”.

“The problem is the wait. »

There is, behind this emblematic building, an Ehpad which will be modernized. There is a project in the air for a house of interns that could interest general practitioners and specialists in town who receive colleagues in training. “We need places and housing for these people. The mayor also knows that “in Cosne, public and private, we will have to work together”.

Meanwhile, the central building continues to deteriorate. “The problem is the wait. Until when will the general practitioners of the medical center have their own nursing home project already validated by the Regional Health Agency? Which would cost much less in new construction on another land than a renovation of the old building.

To be continued…

Florent Maupas

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Health – Future nursing home: we are still giving ourselves a little time, in Cosne, as part of the new hospital project

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