Hawaii Five-0: The special song they used for the show’s 100th episode

Of the more than 200 episodes of Hawaii Five-0, the show’s producer ordered to prepare a special song for the 100th special. Something that surprised everyone because of the singer they used for it.

The first seasons of Hawaii Five-0 managed to mark a great milestone in the television network CBS. After achieving some broadcast records, not only in the United States, but also worldwide. Which is why, the show’s executive producer, Peter Lenkovrequested that a special song be made to celebrate the 100th episode.

Hawaii Five-0: What happened on the show’s 100th episode that was so special?

According to an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s executive producer, Pether Lenkovhe asked the singer John Ondrasik an unreleased song to use in the special episode that aired on November 7, 2014. When the show was airing its fifth season.

The singer-songwriter did not hesitate to accept the proposal of the executive producer of Hawaii Five-0, so John Ondrasik wrote a song specifically for and inspired by the show. Something he had never done before.

John Ondrasik is recognized for recording hit songs like “Superman (It’s Not Easy)”, Five for Fighting which was used for the 2015 Code Black series. Also, other shows that used some of his songs are Criminal Minds, Smallville and Ghost Whisperer. . However, for Hawaii Five-0It was the first time that I did it directly for a TV project.

The result that John Ondrasik had is a song called “All For One”, which according to the producer Peter Lenkov, the ties of friendship, trust and the great effort that is made to maintain it stand out. Resulting in this incredible theme that you can enjoy below.

“It really highlights the themes of the show … and the bonds of friendship,” said Peter Lenkov.

John Ondrasik’s Song”All For One“, was used as a montage in the closing moments of the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0. Making the spectators even more captivated by everything that was experienced in the show.

“The challenge was to create a piece of music that could sustain an emotional experience for three minutes,”

Hawaii Five-0: The song they used in the rescue of Steve McGarrett in the 100th episode

As for the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0the CBS television network showed Lieutenant Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin) being kidnapped and drugged by Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos). Where he is tortured in an empty green room with only one door fully closed. When the members of the Five-0 team realize the location where McGarrett was, they immediately go to his aid.

However, Steve McGarrett and Wo Fat get into a fight inside the room when he was going to kill him for being found out. But, the situation changes and the lieutenant manages to defend himself, so he finally ends up with the two holding each other at gunpoint. Both fire their weapons and Steve is grazed by a bullet in the forehead, while his kidnapper ends up dead.

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Hawaii Five-0: The special song they used for the show’s 100th episode

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