Hanson created an anthem of the 90s, has a 30-year career and arrives in Uruguay for the first time

Isaac, Taylor and Zack Hanson They are 41, 39 and 36 years old and although the accounts do not seem to close, they are celebrating three decades as a band since when they started, in their native Oklahoma, in the United States, they were 12, 9 and 6 years old. Since then, they haven’t stopped. In the second half of the nineties his cover letter, “Mmmbop”became an undisputed hit and took them to fame.

They spent several weeks at number one in different world rankings. Hanson was playing everywhere and continued to dominate the top of the music charts until, in 2001, after a dispute with Mercury Records/Island Def Jam, they broke away from the major record companies and founded their own label, 3CG Record.

Although their popularity today is not that of that madness that aroused in most of the teenagers of the nineties, a time when they filled entire stadiums, they never stopped making music: from their first studio album middle of nowhere (1997) to date they have made more than 20 recordings, including the EPs that they release annually since 2004, and also some live albums.

His latest album, Red Green Blue (RGB), was released in May of this 2022 and is a different work, since each brother took care of the songs for a third of the work: those of “Red” were borne by Taylor, “Green” comes hand in hand Isaac’s, and “Blue” is Zac’s. For the production they had the collaboration of Jim Scott —who worked, among others, with Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers— and David Garza (Fiona Apple, Sharon VanEtten).

With RGB, with “Mmmbop” and everything in between, the Hansons arrive in Uruguay for the first time. They play this Saturday at La Trastienda and there are tickets left at Abitab. And about that, his 30-year career, the music industry and his relationship with his followers, Zac spoke with El País.

-This will be your first time in Uruguay, how do you feel knowing that there are many fans who have been waiting for this visit for more than 20 years?

—We are very happy to play Uruguay for the first time. Previously we had wanted to go, but never could, and this time finally yes. As a band it is a great challenge to be able to make music for so many years and it is an honor that some fans have waited for our visit all this time. Honestly, I don’t know much about Uruguay, other than from some comments that we have received that it is a good place. So it will be an adventure, because for us it’s a new place and that’s the beauty of traveling, getting to know the people, the food. Not knowing too much about a place makes going for the first time truly an adventure.

—What can you say about your show in Montevideo?

—We are celebrating our 30-year career and this show will be varied, so that fans who have not been able to see us live can enjoy both the old songs and the new ones. From old songs like “Where’s The Love”, “Mmmbop”, “Save Me”, to newer ones like “Chils at Heart” or “Don’t Let me Down”.

—Your new album is different from the previous ones, since each one performed a part and then they joined, how was that process of doing it?

—RGB was very particular to do. We have been a band for 30 years and we always invite and will invite people to participate in the albums, but the idea this time was to make an album with three parts. And of course it involved a lot of writing, production and so on. But it was something very special to do, because when we put the three parts together we managed to listen to the album in a different way.

—They were very young when they entered the world of music, eventually they even founded their own record label, and after all these years they are still on this path. How do you currently see the music industry?

—The music industry has changed in an amazing way since the time we started playing. We were very young back then. Everything that digitization and streaming have brought with the passage of time makes it easier to reach people today. Because today you can release an album anywhere in the world, at the same time, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in Uruguay, in Tulsa, in Sydney, anywhere. Those things are great and connect you more with the public.

—What could you highlight as the best and the worst of these 30 years as a band?

—There are many things for a single short answer… But when we started we were children who wanted to have a band and today with the years we continue to do it and that is the best thing. In many of our songs we talk about that, about being the first to dare to do something, about being in the place where you want to be. And the fans also started as children and now they come to the shows with their children or with their partners. There are things that are also difficult, that sometimes make you desperate. For example, a couple of weeks ago we had a crash with our tour bus. It is something that has never happened to us.

“Many of your followers grew up with you, most are from the same generation. How is your relationship with them today, considering that?

-There is a great connection, because we not only value that they are fans of the band, but also the way they relate to each other, they share the recitals, they travel together to be at the shows, many are even friends. It’s not that we’re the stars: Hanson is a part of his life. In a show it’s not just about people looking at the stage, but they share the experience with each other and that’s the power of live music, being able to share a moment.

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Hanson created an anthem of the 90s, has a 30-year career and arrives in Uruguay for the first time

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