“Hair on end”: Big ovation for Telecinco for what was seen at the start of ‘In the name of Rocío’

Telecinco has premiered episodes 0 and 1 of ‘In the name of Rocío’ in a special ‘Deluxe’ that has featured a spectacular opening performance.

One year. That is what has had to happen for it to finally see the light ‘In the name of Rocio‘, the second part of the Rocío Carrasco docuseries. Despite the fact that a year ago it was ensured that it would see the light in the fall, finally the documentary produced by La Fábrica de la tele arrives in June. And it does so with a lot of controversy because Mediaset has opted to leave it as exclusive content for Mitele Plus. However, chapters 0 and 1 have seen the light in open this Friday within a special ‘deluxe’. Whose beginning has taken the ovation of all.

And it is that if ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ had at its premiere a performance by Gjon’s Tears, the representative of Switzerland in Eurovision 2021 with ‘Tout L’Universe’; On this occasion, the program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez has opted for a performance by the All4gospel choir and Enrique Anaut, a contestant on ‘OT 2’, singing ‘L’Enfer’ by Stromae.

A song whose lyrics perfectly represent the story of Rocío Carrasco and that is undoubtedly a success to open ‘In the name of Rocío’. “I have considered taking my own life several times and I am not proud of it. Sometimes you think that it is the only way to silence those thoughts that make us live in hell », say some of those verses that appeared on the screen while Rocío’s silhouette was seen.

The song and lyrics that represent what happened with Rocío

“Am I the only one who has the television on and is watching the guilt channel?”, could be read while images of Amador Mohedano, Rosa Benito, José Ortega Cano, Gloria Mohedano, José Antonio Rodríguez and Gloria Camila were seen in the different Telecinco programs.

“But once in a while you have to clear your mind. Although not very often. If not it will make your head spin again and it will be too late to make it stop. At that moment when I would like to forget all this », were other verses that could be read on the screen.

All this, while Anaut performed the song live accompanied by the choir and the collaborators made an appearance on the set of Mediaset studio 6, as happened more than a year ago with ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

Applause for Telecinco and The TV Factory

If there is a comment that has been repeated on Twitter about the premiere of ‘In the name of Rocío’ it has been “hair on end” or “crying like a cupcake”. Thus, there are many who have once again applauded the way in which La Fábrica de la TV has made the documentary and its live broadcast. “Only the factory could create this wonder”, was one of the messages that could be read in that sense.

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“Hair on end”: Big ovation for Telecinco for what was seen at the start of ‘In the name of Rocío’

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