‘Hacks’: The dramatic comedy that shows the personal and professional conflicts of adult life

The complete second season of the award-winning series ‘Hacks’ is now available by hbo max. The story of this hit Max Original delves into the complicated but loving work and personal relationship between comedian Deborah Vance, played by Jean Smart, and young writer Ava, played by Hannah Einbinder, who experience the conflicts and responsibilities of adulthood, through as they explore and reassess their path to success.

During this second installment, Deborah and Ava embark on a trip across the country while creating a new show, putting their relationship to the test. Resilience and the need to show the world, and especially themselves, that no adversity will defeat them, is the driving force behind this story that takes place in the midst of particular situations full of humor, drama and much satire. Next, we present the main conflicts that the series portrays and that are represented in the internal struggle of each of its protagonists.

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Jean Smart, Deborah, and Hannah Einbinder, Eva, on the set of ‘Hacks’ on HBO Max. Photo by Karen Ballard/HBO Max.

The generation gap

Deborah Vance is a comedian who started her career on television, where she quickly rose to prominence. Unfortunately, an unexpected event in her private life blocked her future and she failed to become the star she promised; Despite this, for many years, Deborah manages to put on a show in Las Vegas. For her part, Ava is a young screenwriter who lost her job and, due to issues in her life, ends up writing jokes for Deborah’s show.

Despite the conflicts generated by differences in age, perspectives on life and personalities, Deborah and Ava share something stronger than their work relationship. In both worlds there is the fear of loneliness, of failing and not being able to fulfill long-awaited dreams, accompanied by the complicated, strong and courageous nature of growing up and maturing.

The fine line between professional and personal relationships

In this road trip across the country, the relationship that the comedian and screenwriter managed to build will be put to the test in a new setting. After finishing her stint in Las Vegas, Deborah is now ready to go on tour with Ava, but her relationship is once again in a critical place and the need for external validation will only make things worse.

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‘Hacks’: The dramatic comedy that shows the personal and professional conflicts of adult life

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