Ha-Ash plans more than 20 concerts in the United States

Miami.- The members of the musical duo Ha-Ash told EFE they feel proud to carry the Mexican flag for the United States during the more than 20 concerts they have planned in 2023 in the North American country.

Hanna Nicole Pérez, 37, one of the two sisters who make up the group Ha-Ash, stressed that, without a doubt, Latinos in the United States are very important in her career and that, for this reason, the tour “My way out with you ” will tour the geography of the country beginning on April 7 in Miami and ending on May 28 in the Californian city of Stockton.

“It’s surprising to see that we go to a city where we think they don’t know our music and it’s full house, with people reciting our songs. That is why it is very nice to carry the Mexican flag in the United States,” said Hanna Nicole, who together with Ashley Grace Pérez, 35, form this “country” pop-style band.

“Latinos in the United States are very important to us, we were born in this country, but we grew up in Mexico,” the artist clarified about the importance of the 21-concert tour, which will serve to present the duo’s new album, “Haashtag.”

“In addition, the tour is also a way to celebrate our 20-year career,” said 50% of Ha-Ash. “Haashtag” went on sale on September 1 and includes, among others, the hits “What a man should know”, “You better get used to it”, “If I were you” and “It would be you”, in addition to the collaboration with the young Mexican artist Kenia OS in “My way out with you”.

Haashtag is the sixth studio album by the duo, who released their first work, “Ha-Ash”, in 2003. Fourteen years after its release, the album was awarded gold plus platinum certification in Mexico and has sold more than 350,000 copies.

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“It is the most ambitious tour of our career, since we are not only celebrating a new album, but 20 years of career. It is also ambitious because it is the largest production and has the largest number of concerts planned”, said Hanna Nicole about this new project of the duo

. “People tell us that when they were in Mexico they listened to us and that it’s nice to do it here (United States),” said the singer.

“Since we were little we lived half the year in the United States and the other half in Mexico, so we learned to see the positive side of two different cultures and speaking two languages,” she stressed about the possibility of singing in English.

Ashley Grace told EFE that after so many years of career it is incredible that “people continue to give us a space in their hearts.” “When we signed with Sony Music I was 14 years old. I think time passes faster when you’re enjoying yourself.

Our passion has been our work throughout this period,” said Ashley Grace, like her sister originally from Lake Charles, in the state of Louisiana, although of Mexican descent. She referred to her collaboration with Kenya OS, with whom they shared a record company, and which resulted in a song, “Mi Salida Contigo”, which reflects her own dating experience.

“In fact, on the date he made me walk -his partner- and then he mixed the wines”, he jokingly recalled about the bad result of that meeting.


“When we met Kenya I asked her and she told me she had a bad date too and so I told her about my experience and we laughed. She told me that the same thing had happened to her, ”she recalls.

The Pérez sisters have recorded 5 studio albums in these nearly 20 years of activity- “Ha-Ash” (2003); “Opposite worlds” (2005); “Double room” (2008); “On time” (2011), and “February 30” (2017).

During this time they have collaborated with artists such as the Spanish Miguel Bosé, who Ashley Grace thinks is “one of the most beautiful”, without forgetting the one they carried out with the Spanish band Hombres G, which was also “a spectacular experience” , in addition to Melendi, with the theme “Destiny or chance”.

Although Spanish is, without a doubt, the language of their music, they made room for English with “Already home”, a collaboration with the American singer Brandi Carlile from 2008, which became their first song composed and recorded in which in It is actually their mother tongue.

“Our songs reflect experiences that we have experienced, it is our way of letting off steam, telling what is happening to us and seeing that what happens to us also happens to other people”, Ashley Grace underlined. “We sing in Spanish because it is the most romantic language in the world,” she assured.

Next spring’s tour will include cities like New York, San Antonio, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

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Ha-Ash plans more than 20 concerts in the United States

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