Guns N’ Roses and a concert for history: this was their return to Bogotá 30 years later

Guns N’ Roses’ history with Bogotá had a dark and very rainy precedent. That November 29, 1992, when the band was at its peak, they set foot in Colombia for the first time. Five years earlier he had launched his legendary Appetite for Destruction ―hits like Welcome to the Jungle Y Paradise City. It was the 90’s and the Guns were global stars.

But a series of unforeseen events turned that long-awaited night into hell. There were excesses outside the stadium, the stage collapsed before the concert and the show was unexpectedly suspended when several songs were still missing from the set list. But not everything was bad, those who attended say that they took one of those experiences that last a lifetime, like having seen the Guns perform november rain under the inclement rain of Bogotá.

In 2016, the Guns N’ Roses returned to Colombia. That time Medellín was the city chosen to vibrate with the masters of hard rock. Six years later, the jungle was to be set free again in Bogotá.

The night of October 11, 2022 went down in history as the return of Guns N’ Roses to Bogotá. The rock crowd did not disappoint and completely filled the El Campín stadium. Thousands of fans were preparing to pay off a debt of almost 30 years, while others were ready to see the group led by Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan live for the first time.

Contrary to what happened in November 1992, the Guns’ recent concert shone for an impeccable organization, from entering the stadium to the completion of the established schedule. At 6:30 pm, Aterciopelados took the stage to open the show. classics like False bolero, little rock flower Y Evil one They were chanted by the entire audience. After all, it is an emblematic band of national rock.

At 8:00 pm, the lights announced that the Guns were about to make their entrance. The screens ran the introductory video and euphoria took over the venue. It was It’s so easy the song with which he started a show that lasted almost three hours. Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, Dizzy Reed and Slash prevailed for the second time at El Campín, as they had already come in 1992. Richard Fortus on guitar, Frank Ferrer on drums and Melissa Reese on keyboards, the choirs later joined the band and closed the line-up that was presented on this first date in Colombia.

Axl Rose and an intact vitality

It’s no secret that Axl Rose’s voice has changed over the years. It was inevitable. But his effort is something worth applauding. He is no longer that young man who ran around the stage, took off his shirt and nuanced his voice between the bass and treble that characterize his singing style, but at 60 years old he still shows why he is considered one of the best rock singers.

There were times when it was difficult for him, but each note unleashed the thunderous recognition of the thousands of attendees who filled the stadium. Axl remains faithful to his style, there was a change of jacket almost every song and his vitality shows the spirit of rock.

Of course, the instrumental interventions could not be missing. The Guns N’ Roses have always stood out for being virtuoso musicians. Slash, one of the most respected and admired guitarists in the genre, had several moments of prominence. The sound of his guitar is unmistakable and now it is added as a support period to give rest to Axl’s voice, who demands it to the fullest with each song.

‘Civil war’, the special dedication for Ukraine

Of Use your illusion II (1991) came out civil war, one of the most successful songs of the Guns N’ Roses and with greater meaning behind its lyrics. Throughout the show, two Ukrainian flags waved on each side of the stage and gave a clear clue: the song was going to be performed in tribute to the conflict with Russia.

“I don’t need your civil war, it feeds the rich while it buries the poor” (I don’t need your civil war, it feeds the rich while it buries the poor), says an aside from the song. The screens also showed the Ukrainian flag as thousands of voices joined together to sing for the end of the war.

The debt was paid off. The Guns N’ Roses gave an impeccable show and hits like don’t cry, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, November Rain, live and let die Y patience They were not missing from their setlist. Now, the fans of the band are preparing for a new date that will take place on the night of this Wednesday, October 12.

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Guns N’ Roses and a concert for history: this was their return to Bogotá 30 years later

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