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The new season of Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Guayaquil could be one of the most ambitious and nurtured in recent years. And it may be the most emotional too.

It’s about a international schedule with more than 20 foreign musicians invited to delight the people of Guayaquil in the city where they were born. With them the orchestra will celebrate a total of thirteen concerts who also seek to yield tribute to Bernard Fougères, French journalist who settled in Guayaquil, and his wife, Evelina Cucalón. Both rest in a vault of the Patrimonial Cemetery of the city, since the renowned television presenter died in 2018.

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Bernard Fougères was also a columnist for this newspaper. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 84.

“I met Evelina 20 years ago, he was the first person who signed my contract in Guayaquil on April 1 in 2002at that same time I met Bernard Fougères with whom I developed a great friendshipremembers the teacher David Harutyunyan when the press conference ended in which the novelties of the international season of the orchestra were announced.

The Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Guayaquil restarted its activities

He was the person who supported me the most in the difficult moments of my existence. When I was in Guayaquil there was a tremendous current against me, Bernard always told me ‘don’t give up, stay where you are, don’t give in’. The mark that both left is indelible”, complements the director of the municipal philharmonic.

The meeting was attended by the Cucalón family, among whom was Sol Damerval, daughter of Evelina and stepdaughter of Bernard. She thanked the gesture and added: “This that you do is a magical painting, but for the ear for all of Guayaquil and followers from other provinces who will surely come too.”

guest musicians

This series of presentations have been organized in conjunction with the Red Heron Foundation, an organization dedicated to artistic production and cultural management. Together with the OFMG they have already prepared other events, such as the Beethoven concert, a lyrical music concert, the tribute to Carlos Rubira Infante, among others. Your president, Ramon Sonnenholzner, He also participated in the press conference.

1652646384 213 Guayaquil Philharmonic Orchestra inaugurates concert season dedicated to Bernard Fougeres
The director of the Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Guayaquil, David Harutyunyan, and the president of the Garza Roja Foundation, Ramón Sonnenholzner, during the press conference in which the details of the orchestra’s international season were shared. Photo: Carlos Barros

Beethoven, the Guayaquil Philharmonic Orchestra and three international musicians will have an appointment at the Centro de Arte Theater

“We have been supporting symphonic and montuvio art for many years, as well as painting and sculpture. That is why we are very interested in working with David in symphonic art”, stressed the writer and broadcaster.

In this way, both local institutions are preparing to inaugurate the season of concerts that will May to December . They will all take place in Art Center Theater and they will be free.

The first recital will be on May 6 and will be accompanied by Ecuadorian-American soloists Francisco Vila (cello) and Armenian-French Robert Stepanian (violin).

The next one will be on May 27, with the presentation of the Czech violinist Román Patocka.

On June 16, French pianist Michel Dalberto will perform alongside the Philharmonic Orchestra.

On June 24 four musicians will perform: Carlos Buono (bandoneon) and the pianist Miguel Pereira, both from Argentina, together with the Spaniards Javier Salazar (flute) and Óscar Gómez (Óscar de Manuel, flamenco flute).

The last concert in June will be with the Italian Andrea Bochetti on piano.

On July 14, the cello of Damián Martínez, from Spain, will sound.

On August 18, the Mexican pianist Citlalli Guevara will do it.

Teatro Centro de Arte celebrated the 100th anniversary of EL UNIVERSO with a symphonic concert

An international festival of musicians will be held in September, in which two concerts will be held (Thursday 8 and Thursday 22) and master classes will be offered to national and foreign musicians. Canadians Gary (cello) and Toby Hofman (viola) participate in that event; the Americans Lynn Chang and Nancy Zhou (violinists), Carlos Manuela Vargas, Amanda Gessler, Steven Lin (pianists) and Raúl García and Ismael Campos (viola); in addition to Vila and Stepanian.

On October 20 it will be the turn of the Puerto Rican Emilio Colón on cello, while on November 10 it will be the turn of the Italian pianist Luigi Borzillo.

The penultimate of the recitals will be on November 24, led by the Russian violinist Alexander Markov. Finally, on December 20, a great year-end concert will be held with international classical singers to be confirmed.

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Guayaquil Philharmonic Orchestra inaugurates concert season, dedicated to Bernard Fougères, with international artists | Music | Entertainment

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