Grey’s Anatomy: the episode with Millie Bobby Brown finally explained!

The episode of the famous series Grey’s Anatomy with the young actress Millie Bobby Brown finally explained! We give you more details.

Before becoming the star of Stranger Things, actress Millie Bobby Brown made an appearance in Grey’s Anatomy. We finally have the explanation of this episode! MCE TV tells you everything.

Millie Bobby Brown in Grey’s Anatomy

Today, the young actress is known for her role in the Stranger Things series. Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown lends her features to the character of Eleven in the Netflix show.

The series inspired by the 80s has also been a real success. Its sci-fi plot has charmed Netflix audiences.

Millie Bobby Brown then imposed herself in the film Enola Holmes alongside young actor Henry Cavill. The young woman brilliantly took on the role of the little sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Besides, she will surely be back for the sequel to the Netflix movie.

But you should know that the pretty blonde began her career long before. Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown even made an appearance in the famous medical series Grey’s Anatomy.

Fans of the medical series will certainly remember this. Millie Bobby Brown starred in an episode of the season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy.

This one, titled: I feel the Earth Move tells us the story of an earthquake that comes to shake Seattle. The young actress Millie Bobby Brown plays then the role of a little girl named Ruby.

The latter calls the hospital to ask for help, following the injury of her mother. In this episode, it’s Owen who takes up most of the story. We tell you more.

The episode explained

In this episode of Grey’s Anatomy we were able to discover the actress Millie Bobby Brown in the role of the young Ruby. She calls the hospital after his mother’s injury.

Owen then takes the call. You should know that the episode focuses mainly on the discussion on the phone between the doctor and the little girl. What adds even more tension to this story is the fact that Ruby’s phone might go dead at any moment.

In this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Owen will ask the little Ruby to perform some small procedures to help save his mother. At the end of a very stressful episode, the doctors will succeed in saving Ruby’s mother. Not least thanks to the efforts of his daughter.

After his mother stops breathing, Owen asks her to do CPR to the beat of the famous Bee Gees song “Staying Alive.” Ruby’s phone battery dies.

But we learn later that the young girl and her mother were transported to the hospital and that the latter is doing very well. Millie Bobby Brown’s screen time in this episode was very short.

But he wasn’t no less impressive! The episode of Grey’s Anatomy with the young actress aired in 2015, the young actress landed her role in Stranger Things some time after. It was therefore the beginning of glory for the young woman.

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Grey’s Anatomy: the episode with Millie Bobby Brown finally explained!

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