Green Day goes to war with Trump again in new music video, Troubled Times

VIDEO – On the occasion of the Martin Luther King Jr Day, Monday, January 16, the Californian rockers released a committed clip, fiercely opposed to the new president of the United States and a reflection of a tormented era.

Monday, January 16, the United States celebrated the Martin Luther King Jr Day. Public holiday taking place on the third Monday of January each year in memory of the African-American pastor, this symbolic day across the Atlantic is dedicated to the celebration of the advancement of civil rights. Particular day chosen by the rock band Green Day to reveal a video accompanying the song troubled times. A committed clip, reflecting a tormented era, fiercely critical of the elected president donald trump.

The clip directed by Manu Viquera and David Rodriguez Simón, taken from the album Revolution Radio released in October 2016, is a three-minute montage of animated archival footage that juxtaposes symbolic figures of civil rights movements with images directly or indirectly evoking Donald Trump. Thus, the icons that are the Suffragettes and Martin Luther Kingfade in favor of a Donald Trump with sharp teeth (made with the balaclavas of Ku Klux Klan members) fidgeting with a submarine and a bomb in his hand behind a wall of barbed wire, evoking the project Trumpian building a wall on the Mexican border.

Subliminal message?

The lyrics of this title warn of a climate of tension that could set in under the Trump era: “A new day dawning, comes without warning, so don’t think twice, we live in troubled times» (A new day dawns, comes without warning, so don’t think about it too much, we live in troubled times.) Apotheosis, the video ends with a nuclear mushroom. The message is clear: For Green Day, we live in troubled times, where the civic regression, racism and Islamophobia embodied by Trump could lead to civil war.

“Today we celebrate love and compassion more than ever,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said in a statement accompanying the clip. This is not the first time that Californians have attacked Donald Trump. Last August, all it took was an interview with the magazineKerrangfor Armstrong to get to the Godwin point, comparing the president-elect to adolf hitler. As reported the magazineRolling Stonesduring their performance at MTV Europe Music Awards and American Music Awardsthe trio slightly modified the lyrics of their classic American Idiot to add an anti-Trump subliminal message. “It was a good starting point to challenge him on his ignorant politics and his racism,” Armstrong told the magazine, who, unlike actress Nicole Kidman, does not seem ready, with his group Green Day, to grant the slightest concession to Donald Trump.

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Green Day goes to war with Trump again in new music video, Troubled Times

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