Gong Yoo Praises IU’s Acting Skills And Reveals His Wish To Act With Her One Day

Best actor gong yoo recently guest on “IU’s Palette”. Excitingly, one of the many topics he and he UI discussed was his wish to act with her one day!

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At the start of the episode, Gong Yoo pointed out that IU’s singing and acting skills are very similar to each other. He shared how shocked he was with his amazing performance in the 2018 K-Drama, My Sir.

It may be a long story, but I think the way you make songs and play music is similar to the way you act. In My Sir, it was quite shocking because you were so good at acting. That’s in my view, of course.

– Gong Yoo

IU thanked him and bowed in gratitude for his praise.

To better illustrate his point, he compared his characters in My Sir and Hotel Del Luna.

I think when you were Ji An My Sir, you shone like a star. But on the other hand, in Hotel Del Luna, Jang Man Wol was cute and cheerful. Relatively, she wasn’t as serious, but it was kind of funny.

– Gong Yoo

Whether it’s singer IU or actress Lee Ji Eun, she has the ability to portray her emotions in a poignant and mature way.

So in some songs, I can sense your fun moments, but in other serious songs, you have a certain age-old sadness. The way IU sings sounds a lot like Lee Ji Eun, the actress, to me.

– Gong Yoo

In the end, Gong Yoo revealed that he wanted to star in a movie or drama with her in the future.

Even though it’s not a music-related movie, I hope we’ll work together in a beautiful movie or drama.

– Gong Yoo

IU excitedly expressed how much she love to work with him, adding that she hopes it will become a reality.

I’d love it. I really would. I really hope this will come true.

– UI

Gong Yoo not only thinks it will come true, he also thinks it will happen sooner rather than later!

I have a feeling that will happen soon. Don’t you think they’ll give us a chance?

– Gong Yoo

Without a doubt, any K-drama or movie starring both IU and Gong Yoo would surely be a hit. Hoping that will happen soon!

Catch more IU and Gong Yoo in the full video below.

Source: 이지금 [IU Official]

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Gong Yoo Praises IU’s Acting Skills And Reveals His Wish To Act With Her One Day

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