Go Johnny Go Go Go, President Jean Biraben has the soul of a rocker

2-year-old Go Johnny Go Go Go won his second race in a row at Dieppe yesterday. His atypical name obviously resonates in the ears of the finest music lovers, since it is taken from the 1st title in the history of rock’n roll, Johnny B Goode, to which Jean Biraben, the president of the ECSSO, pays homage with the son by Johnny Barnes.

After Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix, Jean Biraben sounds “Go Johnny Go Go Go”

In 1957, chuck berry, the pioneer of rock’n roll, records a piece that would change the face of the world: Johnny B. Goode. With this brilliant intro riff played on a hyper-fast rhythm that introduces a frantic sequel, Chuck Berry, nicknamed “Crazy Legs” was to mark a major turning point in the lifestyles and culture of the post WWII world. It was he who paved the way for Led Zeppelin, among others. Almost autobiographical, Johnny B. Goode deals with the American dream, still enchanting at the time, with the story of a young boy who is illiterate but endowed with an exceptional gift for the guitar. Thanks to the encouragement of his mother who repeats to him ” Go Johnny Go Go Go “, he will rise to the rank of star, a rise all the more meritorious for a black man at Berry in a very marked New Orleans in the middle of the Ku Klux Klan period in the 1950s. Johnny B. Goode was even sent to the space by NASA, believing that we could communicate with extraterrestrials via the universal language of music.

Only 3 great characters have dared to tackle such a monument: Elvis Presley, Jimy Hendrix and Jean Biraben, that is to say 2 musicians and a racehorse breeder, renowned for not being shy. Born on our side of the Atlantic, in Beuste near Pau, John Biraben rather represents the Bearn dream. Because he too has become a star of his kind, in the agri-food register, being the founder of Biraben Foies Gras after having started on the markets. Today, he has 34 broodmares at the foot of the Pyrenees and holds the presidency of the Syndicat des Eleveurs du Sud-Ouest (ECSSO).

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Go Johnny Go Go Go wins in Dieppe under the saddle of Théo Bachelot.

Like all young people of his generation, he was enlightened by Johnny B. Goode and the surge of American music that put our nasal and dusty singers in the closet. And he didn’t miss the chance when he had a son from Johnny Barnesstallion with his lifelong friend Mathieu Daguzan-Garros in Haras des Granges, to think of the good times of real youth music! Go Jean go go go!

He therefore named the 2nd foal of the robust Indian Miss, holder of 8 victories in 89 outings with François Rohaut, Didier Guillemin and Guillaume Nicot. This daughter of Indian Rocket is herself one of 10 winners produced by the remarkable John Quatz2nd in the Prix Panacée (L) then dam notably of Silver Jaro, a Gr.3 winner at Cheltenham. John Quatz was the 1st foal born to Jean Biraben after he retrieved his dam Shahmy, who also produced Schampus, Green Jaro and Zanir. The family comes from the breeding of Countess Batthyany. The 5th mother is a real matron under whom we find Sarah Siddons, Cantilever, Excelebration, Leggera, Crofter and so many others.

Go Johnny Go Go Go was sold to the Irish Con Marnane (Bansha House) for €10,000 at the Osarus de la Teste yearling sale in September 2021. He was absent from BBAG’s Breeze Up at the end of May 2022. And for good reason, he had already started since the beginning of April. He broke the ice for his already 5th outing on May 20 at Vichy to claim, and repeated brilliantly at the same level on the 1100 m of the Dieppe straight, still under the training of Florian Guyader.

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Go Johnny Go Go Go, President Jean Biraben has the soul of a rocker

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