Ghost Whisperer: the real reason behind the end of the series with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Revealed in the series The Life of FiveJennifer Love Hewitt rose to international prominence as the star of dramatic and fantasy fiction Ghost Whisperer, now available in full at Disney+. Inspired by the true stories of a medium, the series features Melinda Gordon, a young woman who has a strange gift, inherited from her grandmother: she can communicate with the dead. She uses it to help them move permanently to the other side of the light after finding peace. Her marriage to Jim Clancy is often disrupted. The young woman will experience many dramas, in particular the death of her husband, before her son in turn reveals his ability to converse with the world of the beyond. For five years, millions of fans followed the paranormal adventures of Melinda Gordon before the series was canceled by the American channel CBS in May 2010.

Ghost Whisperer canceled for lack of audience

At the announcement of its cancellation, Jennifer Love Hewitt had split a message of thanks to his fans. “It has been five incredible years. I can’t thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart, for being so incredibly gracious, for being so loving, for accepting Melinda so well and all her madness, all her ghosts, all her nightmares and all her business. unfinished.” Nina Tassler, the president of CBS at the time, revealed that the series was canceled for lack of sufficient audiences.

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It’s sad, but the series do not stay forever on the small screen. It was also surprising for us to see her disappear“, she had told the American site E! Online. “At the end of the day, it’s all about audiences for the channel, and that’s where we need to keep improving and succeeding. It was personally very difficult, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a friend, the producers are friends.” After its cancellation, the American media Deadline reported that ABC was considering picking up the fantasy series. But that ultimately didn’t happen.

The end of Ghost Whisperer has been “total shock” for Jennifer Love Hewitt

Disappointed by the series’ cancellation, the 43-year-old actress said at the time that she didn’t see CBS’ decision coming at all. “For me, it was a total shock. I thought our next season would probably be our last, just because the show had been around for so long. It’s hard to find new storylines that keep people hooked but I never thought this would be our last season“. Moreover, Jennifer Love Hewitt believed that the series had not ended”like Melinda deserved.” And to add:We left the audience without a conclusion, and I hate that. When you’ve taken people on an adventure for so long, the least you can do is say goodbye. For a series that was about unfinished business, we couldn’t finish.”

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Jennifer Love Hewitt totally against a reboot of Ghost Whisperer

But although the end of Ghost Whisperer left her with a bitter taste, Jennifer Love Hewitt had indicated a few years ago that she was totally against the idea of ​​a reboot of the series. “I’m not good at walking away from this series. So if a reboot was born, with younger actors, I would be the old woman who says: ‘Get out of here, you’re not talking to the dead, I’m talking to the dead’, I am therefore against it. If they’re going to do the show again, I have to be on it and reprise the role, because there’s no way I’m giving up my Ghost Whisperer throne. This role meant so much to me and it represented so much. I worked very hard to make Melinda what she is.”

In contrast, the actress would not be against “a ten-episode revival on Netflixto end the series or other“, provided it is done “in a unique and interesting way.” If for the moment, nothing has been indicated concerning a supposed revival of Ghost Whispererdie-hard fans of the star can find her in the series 9-1-1, the sixth season of which is currently being broadcast across the Atlantic on the FOX channel. While waiting to discover season 6 in France, those who subscribe to Disney+ can binge-watch the first four seasons on the streaming platform.

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Ghost Whisperer: the real reason behind the end of the series with Jennifer Love Hewitt

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