Genoa looks with surprise at the political aspirations of Pedro Rollán: “It comes out of the pot”

The Deputy Secretary for Regional and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollancontinues to make merits to get the attention of the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nunez Feijoo. So much so, that the leader with the most aspirations in Genoa does not hesitate to directly challenge the Prime Minister. Popular Party sources make it clear that Rollán is “getting out of the pot” because of the way he tries to get the attention of the party leadership. Rollán aspires to a lot and believes that Feijoo could count on him even as a minister, when the time comes. The problem is that he is not acting discreetly and has already stepped on the occasional blister.

In Genoa they know that Pedro Rollán has more aspirations than expected. So much so, that since Alberto Núñez Feijoo placed him in the executive, many understood that Rollán would see him as the starting signal for a career that he does not know if he will be able to win. For Feijoo it has been nothing more than a help to land in the formation, but for Rollán it has been a real political opportunity when he saw himself completely out of the game.


The deputy secretary of Autonomous and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán, has indicated this Tuesday that the draft law of the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2023 “pursues” the “survival” of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, while they “mortgage the future” of the Spaniards.

«Those PGE what they pursue is the survival of Sánchez. They buy Sánchez’s present but mortgage the future of the Spaniards. These budgets once again put the Government above the citizens,” Rollán pointed out during an informative breakfast on the Ser chain in Las Palmas in which the PP’s deputy secretary for Autonomous Coordination participated together with the president of the Canarian PP, Manuel Domínguez.

Rollán has indicated that this is the moment in which “all Spaniards need more certainty”, however he has lamented that the Government “is installed in a continuous contradiction”, pointing out that now it is necessary to be “realistic because if not the diagnosis, the measures, they are going to be erroneous because they are going to make a make-up policy».

In this sense, he stressed that in the processing of the PGE the Government foresaw an increase in GDP of 2.1 percent, however in “just 24 hours” the document, which “is the roadmap” for the ” recovery, the maintenance of employment”, has been left “on a dead letter”, since he referred to the forecasts made by organizations such as the AiRef, the Bank of Spain or the BBVA that “have lowered to 1.4 and even 1 per cent» GDP and, he clarified, «provided a very good execution of the Next Generation funds is carried out, which is not what is happening either».

In any case, he has pointed out that the central government’s forecasts “have never been fulfilled”, so “there is a lot of uncertainty and distrust of all” Spaniards who, he assures, “see that curves are coming and that at the head of There is no skipper with enough experience on this ship” to reach a “good port.”

In relation to this, he said that since Pedro Sánchez “is president of the Government, he has borrowed 320 million euros”, an amount that he pointed out if divided by 47 million Spaniards implies 6,808 euros per citizen.

In any case, he has stated that if said indebtedness had been for structural reforms, “it is fine because it would not be considered an expense, but an investment”, however if the destination of those economic resources “has been to pay the toll and the backpacks of your parliamentary allies”, what is being done is “wasting” them so that “there is no positive counterpart”.


Given this overview of the current situation of the central government, he pointed out that the Canarian Executive “is more of the same” and considered that the Government of Spain should be questioned why it leaves the archipelago “at the bottom and does not increase” the average investment per citizen or why “the Canary Islands have been excluded from the subsidy for intercity transport in 2023”.

After that, he wondered if the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, “will be able to demand something from him – from the central government – ​​or will he remain in that complicit silence”, since he reproached the head of the Canarian Executive for being the “belt of transmission of Mr. Sánchez” in the archipelago.

“Far from raising our voices and saying we need more investment, more confidence, more support (…), it maintains a measured and complicit silence that does not allow growth, that does not allow this autonomous community to develop based on real opportunities,” he pointed out for ensure that in front of Torres Manuel Domínguez is presented “as a useful alternative”, that he is an “alternative for all canaries”.

For Rollán, the Government of the Canary Islands has “many similarities” with the central government, since he stated that “it has fallen into complacency and conformism, while people do not make it to the end of the month, they do not know what to do with the enormous amount of resources economic, which are nothing if not the result of the sacrifice of paying taxes”, having collected the Government of Spain “more than 27,000 million euros with respect to the figure initially planned”, however, he reproached him for refusing “to adjust, to carry out the deflation of personal income tax rates for all income that does not exceed 40,000 euros”, among other issues.

Finally, Rollán highlighted the president of the Canary Islands, Manuel Domínguez, for his “irreproachable” career, as well as the “experience and good practices” that he brings together in the administration at the local, regional and Parliament levels.

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Genoa looks with surprise at the political aspirations of Pedro Rollán: “It comes out of the pot”

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