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The universe of music includes different types of styles that interact in a cyclical way and currently, pop punk dominates the playlists. The big guitars have resurfaced with Olivia Rodrigo thanks to her latest hit, but it’s a nugget that shakes the chessboard with said style. Gayle is undoubtedly the revelation of the last year who achieves a marvel with her song “Abcdefu”. Performed in an electric style, the song of the young American is full in the United Kingdom.

Gayle soars on top of England

Gayle is the blase that resonates constantly and its excellent title “abcdefu” that has been looping for a few weeks. When she was only 17, the American singer signed with Atlantic Records and let the juice of her talent flow shortly after. The Texas native’s first song is a pure delight that has been a growing success for the past few weeks. The end of 2021 saw this thunderclap which placed itself second most listened to in the world on Spotify behind “Easy on Me” by Adele.

Creating surprise and revealing itself to the world, it already had 87 million streams on the listening platform a month ago. However, the Texan teenager does not let out a sigh about her starting momentum, thus starting this new year in sublimity. This Monday, she becomes one of the youngest artists to lead the British ranking. Gayle is now the third Under-18 leader in less than two years after New Zealand’s Jawsh 685 and American Olivia Rodrigo.

The Dallas singer completes her rise to the throne of the UK charts by planting “abcdefu” at number one in her ninth week. Viral prowess accumulates around 4.7 million streams in the UK, enough to propel Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ into second place. The new nugget of pop punk thus stops Adèle’s eighth consecutive week at the top.

“Abcdefu”, the song of conquest

The young Texan artist has found the formula to rally the world to her cause in a century where love disappointments are on the rise. Produced in a crescendo with its musicality of guitars, “abcdefu” addresses an epic end of relationship in a fair way. This piece presents itself as the perfect breakup song on which Gayle sends her ex and all her relatives upside down.

About this flamboyantly successful title, Gayle explains: “I tried to be the cool ex-girlfriend, but I’m sick of it. You can still be a good person, but also be mad at someone. I had a hard time being vulnerable in songs and I think there’s a vulnerability in being pissed off especially when you’re a woman because sometimes just by sharing an opinion you can be labeled like a bitch“.

This desire to banish vulnerability even pushed the young artist to offer “Chill” or “more angry” versions of the song. To seal the fate of her track’s rise, Gayle offers a camcorder clip in which she goes down to her ex’s house. Through the images, the least we can say about this outing with her friends is that it is far from being a courtesy visit. The raging video of “abcdefu” already has more than 20 million views on YouTube so far.

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Gayle’s ‘Abcdefu’ hits No. 1 on the UK charts in its ninth week in the UK | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

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