From The Cure to Elton John: 7 Artists Morrissey Hates

There is no doubt that Morrissey is one of the most controversial artists and currently controversial. The ex leader of The Smiths has never feared in saying what he thinks, although many times this ends with criticism for his offensive sayings.

This also includes saying your opinion about some of your colleagues. Over the years Morrissey has been enumerating the list of artists that he does not support or that he directly hates. Either for his music or for something personal.

The Artists Morrissey Hates

The Cure

Among the artists Morrissey hates, The Cure has to be the first that come to mind. And it is that the fight between the controversial musician and Robert Smith is quite well known, although now they seem to be more friends.

In the eighties, The leader of The Smiths pointed out that The Cure never inspired them and that they were copying his style. Besides, described him as a “whiner”. However, in 2018 he apologized for his remarks, something that Robert Smith seems to have accepted.

Elton John

In conversation with NME in 1987, Morrissey made it clear that he is not a fan of Elton John. “He imposes his face on us all the time and tells us about his private life. Nobody cares. He should disappear”said the musician about the interpreter of Rocketman.

15 years later, in the documentary The Importance of Being Morrissey, he lashed out at the musician again. “Bring me Elton John’s head… it will be the only time meat is not murder”commented the vegan musician.

Michael Buble

Unlike many, Morrissey doesn’t put on Michael Bublé’s music when Christmas rolls around. “Fire in the belly is essential. If you don’t have it, you become Michael Bublé, famous and meaningless.” he pointed. Given this, Bublé responded by calling him a “bitch.”although he celebrated that he knew who he is.

Kate Bush

One of the most important artists of British pop, Kate Bush, is not at all to Morrissey’s liking. Do you really like Kate Bush? The best thing you can say about her is that she is unbearable. That voice! what rubbish“he commented.


The Queen of Pop is not spared from Morrissey’s criticism either. “Madonna reinforces everything that is absurd and offensive. A desperate woman. She looks more like organized prostitution than anything else »said the musician in the nineties.

Lady Gaga

And if you don’t like Madonna, you won’t like Lady Gaga either. In 2011, he noted that he met her and thought she was a nice person. However, he pointed out that she did not bring anything new to the scene. «I like the idea of ​​women in control, but I am tired of seeing them not being able to sing if they are not accompanied by erotic dancers»assured.

johnny marr

And of course, the one who tops the list of artist Morrissey hates is none other than his ex-partner from The Smiths, Johnny Marr. The musicians have been rivalry for years and have described their relationship as “irreconcilable” due to their differences.

The most recent thing was that Morrissey assured that he was obsessed with him and that he always mentions it in interviews. A) Yes, He wrote her a public letter asking her to stop talking about him in order to “promote” himself.

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From The Cure to Elton John: 7 Artists Morrissey Hates

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