From Sebastian Yatra to Laura Pausini, the artists who start the year playing distraction on their social networks

Many times artists need to be reborn to create their next project or musical works, There are many who choose to change the aesthetics of their social networks, some delete photos, others close their accounts or some even close one of their accounts temporarily.he. This is the case of Sebastian Yatra, Laura Pausini, Bad Bunny, Ed Sheeran and a long list of singers that sound here within the best musical variety.

Sebastian Yatra

After the rumors that have circulated lately about the possible relationship between Aitana and the Colombian seems that the pressure has ended up tiring the singer, leading him to make the drastic decision to close your instagram account. Some Yatra fans have thought that he had blocked them, but the reality is that he has disappeared from the social network. The reasons may be many, but what we do know is that he has disappeared without giving any explanation to his followers.

What comes to mind is that everything can be a matter of marketing. As other singers have done before, they have disappeared from social networks, for example deleting all their publications to later appear with a big announcement.

We have no more news about his Instagram account, but what we do know is that his twitter account has not been closed, in fact his last interaction was 4 days ago in which he appeared in a video singing “Til You’re Home” with her friend rita wilson.

Laura Pausini

The Italian has not deleted her account or her publications but We were surprised on Three Kings Day when he uploaded 9 photos with a white background. What she herself has said is that his next record project will be coming very soonhe said so, when the year began, through a clear and direct message to his audience on Instagram: “This 2023 will be truly ours, at least that’s how I feel. And I hope it is also for you, who have changed my life in these almost almost 30 years. I want to be with you, I want to do things you don’t expect, I want to sing, travel, dream, I want… and until I get it, I’ll keep trying! This year we’ll spend a lot of time together: okay , from now on let’s start again, fasten your seatbelts…“.

Bad Bunny

the bad rabbit The year has not started in the best way. The singer has fallen a lot in the reproductions of his songs and in his popularity, from the moment he threw the cell phone of a follower who approached him to take a selfie into the sea.

However, a few days have passed since the incident and the rapper continues to lose followers for his abrupt action. This has not gone down well with the singer, who He has made his Instagram account private a few hours ago, while on Twitter he said “they will miss me”.

This has greatly alarmed his fans who have begun to speculate about a possible withdrawal of the music on a new beginning with another attitude. It is not known if it could be momentary or permanent, what is clear is that Bad Bunny has completely closed himself off to his fans.

Ed Sheeran

Another of the artists who surprised us by making changes to his Instagram account was Ed Sheeranwho has decided to leave only one photograph on his profile announcing that he will return in 2023 when his new album is ready.

Off now through 2023. See you next year. Lots of love, Ed.” Ed Sheeran wrote on his social media. A farewell until further notice that has been accompanied by a blank photo within his profile and an image from the beach standing on a stone looking towards the horizon, the one that awaits him with his new music in a few months.

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From Sebastian Yatra to Laura Pausini, the artists who start the year playing distraction on their social networks

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